The General: paperback version now available!

No helpful post from me this week I’m sorry to say, but back to normal next week. I’ve fallen behind on a few things in the mad rush for the launch of The General last week.

So this week I thought I’d give another shameless plug of the story. Everything we raise is being donated to a very worthy cause—the Ranelagh House Care Home. Every Monday afternoon I pay the residents a visit and together we watch a classic film and eat icecream, popcorn and chocolate. There’s a cinema not far away which runs dementia-friendly screenings (unfortunately many of the residents at Ranelagh House suffer from dementia) and for months I’ve been desperate to take them. The care home doesn’t have the money to fund the trip themselves which is why my good friend Mark Brooks and I decided to release these stories.

We’ve already sold a few, and thank you to everyone who has so far bought a copy, but we still need to raise more. I”m delighted to announce paperback versions are now available at a slightly higher cost (to cover printing expenses). The links for ebook and paperback versions are at the bottom of this post.

Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated. Many of the residents of Ranelagh House haven’t been to the cinema in decades, and plenty of them can’t remember the last time they went, for obvious reasons. Your small donation will make a world of difference to their lives.

Ebook version

Paperback version

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Richie Billing writes fantasy fiction, historical fiction and stories of a darker nature. His short fiction has been published by, amongst others, Kzine, TANSTAAFL Press, Bewildering Stories, Liquid Imagination, The Magazine of History & Fiction, Aether and Ichor, and Far Horizons. His debut novel, Pariah's Lament, will be published by Fiction Vortex in Summer 2020. He co-hosts the podcast The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed, a venture inspired by the requests of readers of his critically-acclaimed book, A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook. Most nights you can find him up into the wee hours scribbling away or watching the NBA. Find out more at

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