Just shy of our fundraising target: an update on The General

The General & The Visitor, two short stories written by myself and good friend Mark Brooks, has been on sale for two weeks. All proceeds are donated to Ranelagh House, a care home in my hometown of Liverpool. And we’re so close to hitting our initial fundraising target of £100!

Next month could finally be the month we get to take the lovely residents of Ranelagh House to the cinema. Films played a massive part in their lives growing up and many haven’t visited the cinema in decades. You can help make a difference to their lives by buying a copy of our stories!


Here’s an Amazon review of The General:

The General tells the story of the titular character who is sent on a mission about which he has mixed feelings. The discoveries he makes cause him to call into question aspects of his society he otherwise and previously accepted almost unconditionally.

The character arc is managed very well by the author who handles the inherent conflict within the principal character deftly making the final position utterly believable. Action scenes are managed with fluidity and grace yet are incredibly visceral. The reader very much gets to feel what it would be like to be there.

The short story, and handling of it by the author, shows great promise, is thoroughly enjoyable and is well worth a read by anyone interested in fantasy writing.“

If you’re feeling generous, please consider buying our stories. They cost no more than a cup of coffee (from a hipster coffee shop)!

Click here to get yours!



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