Exciting news!

Today is turning out to be a busy day.

Over at r/Fantasy I’m in the firing line for Writer of the Day where you can ask me anything you like. Click here here to check it out. We’re kicking things off about 1pm GMT.

And I’m very excited to announce that Ducks is now available in audiobook form thanks to Chris Herron and the excellent Tall Tale TV. If you haven’t heard of Tall Tale TV, check it out! A must visit for audiobook fans. Here’s Ducks below.

5 thoughts on “Exciting news!

      1. Check out The Centropic Oracle. They do the same thing, but have a more focused theme. Also, Antipodean SF has a radio show that does audio stories. I’ve published with both of them. Very easy people to work with. And there’s many more short audio fiction sites out there, I’m sure.

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