We did it!

Yesterday, after months of promising, I finally got to treat the residents of Ranelagh House to a rare day out to the cinema to watch ‘White Christmas’.

With thirteen of us in my car and a minibus, we set off to a chorus of complaints about how cold it was. You can see Albert and Edna in the backseat of my car here, the wheel of a zimmer frame in the boot too. My nan was just out of shot. She always slaps the camera away anyway.


A massive thank you goes out to the staff at The Plaza cinema in Waterloo, Liverpool. Most of them are volunteers and they showed commendable compassion for the people who attended. It’s a beautiful place as you can see.


With many of them suffering from dementia, there were quite a few shouts of, “What’s that singer called again?” when Bing Crosby came into shot.

The journey home was a little stressful. Five minutes in, my nan declared that she needed a wee. And then we were stuck in rush-hour traffic for 45 minutes. But we made it there and back in one piece with a minibus and car full of smiling faces.

Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of The General & The Visitor! Your kind donations have brought joy to the lives of people who sometimes feel forgotten about, who are stuck inside most of the time.

You can still buy a copy at Amazon and all proceeds will go to Ranelagh House and the next day out! Available in ebook (£3.50) and paperback (£5.50).


And don’t forget to leave a review so we can get this out to more people and raise more money!

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