An exciting year ahead…

All the very best for this New Year! I hope the months ahead are paved with good fortune.

So, here we are. 2018. It still feels like 2004 to me so seeing that written down comes as a bit of a shock. I can imagine a few of you have sore heads. I hope the painkillers aren’t too far from the comfort of your bed.

At this early stage, we’re all full of hope and possibility. Resolutions have been forged with determination still aplenty. How long will they last? I’ve never been one to stick to something for long. Honestly, I’m surprised I’m still doing this blog. I suspected after a few months my interest would wane and my blogs would reduce in regularity before fizzling out like an empty balloon. But no. Here I am, blogging more than ever, and here to tell you I’m shaking things up a bit for the year ahead. Jumping on that resolution bandwagon aren’t I.

My classic format for the blog was once a week, every Tuesday. In the past couple of months, I’ve been blogging a few more times a week without any real format or process. The content varied between writing tips and fantasy-related posts (under the umbrella of which I include articles on the likes of medieval archery, weapons, and such). So to formalise the new blogging format moving forwards I’ll be using this schedule:


Tuesdays:         Writing tips and guides, a.k.a Writing Tip Tuesday

Thursdays:       Blog sharing – a post sharing some of the best and most helpful articles I’ve come across in the past week, a.k.a. Sharing is Caring Thursdays

Fridays:            All things fantasy, a.k.a. Fantasy Fridays


In between will be guest posts and articles such as My Writing Day and any other news that crops up.

At the beginning of each month, I’ll share a schedule of what’s to come in the weeks ahead (more on this below).

You may be wondering a bit about blog sharing Thursdays. It’s important to support the excellent work of fellow bloggers and writers and just as important to share pieces with others who may potentially benefit. If you run a blog and have an article you think people would like, drop me an email with the link. If selected, I’ll give a bit of a review of the article and your blog as a whole.

In other news, I’m happy to say the first draft of my novel is complete and over the coming weeks I’ll be morphing into edit mode. That means I’ll be studying the craft of creative writing in much more detail. All notes I make, any resources I come across will be shared here, on this site.

I’ll be bringing you bits of the novel set to be butchered by red pen, Magpie, and a few more short stories to illuminate more of the world of Tervia and the people who call it home.

I plan to offer more freebies this year too. With more posts rolling out each week I’ll be compiling the later ones into the second volume of This Craft We Call Writing. I’m also working on a list of book reviewers to help get your work out there, and down the line, if time allows, a fantasy writer’s handbook.

Another feature I plan to include is photographs of landscapes and structures. When describing places or things I find it infinitely easier to do so while I’m either there or looking at a picture. I know I can’t be the only one who’s like this, so during my walks around the countryside of Britain, I’ll be snapping photos to aid your descriptions.

Here’s the blogging schedule for the month ahead:



02/01 – Stopping the Reader’s Heart? A Guide to Tension

05/01 – World-building – a review of the AmWritingFantasy talk with Jesper Schmidt.

09/01 – Oblique Dialogue

12/01 – Using elves, trolls, dwarves, orcs, and the like. Recycle, re-invent, or rubbish?

16/01 – Flashbacks. Yay or Nay?

19/01 – The Medieval House – types of structure and terminologies. A bit about rural towns, villages, and roads.

23/01 – A Brief Guide to Cartography

26/01 – The Beasts of Fantasy


I’m sure you’re all racing to stick those dates in your diary. Don’t bother. Subscribe to my mailing list and you’ll get them delivered to your inbox as soon as they go live.


Until tomorrow,



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