The General & The Visitor Review

An honest and very detailed review of The General and The Visitor courtesy of the fantastic Books4Jessica! If you haven’t already checked out this blog you need to immediately!

A million thanks, Jessica!

CoverI have not read a book of short stories in a long time, so when I was given the chance to review this book I did not know what to expect as this was not a novel I would usually have much knowledge about.However, I am very glad that I did decide to read these stories as they were both thought provoking and emotional.

The General (by: Richard Billing) & The Visitor (by: Mark Brooks) are the names of the two stories featured in this small 64 some page book. The General tells the story of a army and chief of that army who believes he is doing right by his country when ordered by the king to attack a land and people who did not know really much about. The chief soon learns though that what he may have believed prior to their attack, may have not been true.

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