Character Development

Thank you, kind people at Writing Bad, for the opportunity to write for your wonderful website. I only hope my nonsensical ramblings don’t persuade your followers to flee. If you’ve never checked our Writing Bad, forget about the next few hours. It’s full of tools helpful to writers. You won’t be able to hit that bookmark button quick enough.

This article is all about character development. In it, I look at three tools I’ve found tremendously helpful when it comes to developing characters—sliding scales, the superman vs the everyman, and the secret snapshot approach.

Enjoy, or don’t.


Richie Billing writes fantasy fiction, historical fiction and stories of a darker nature. His short fiction has been published by, amongst others, Kzine, TANSTAAFL Press, Bewildering Stories, Liquid Imagination, The Magazine of History & Fiction, Aether and Ichor, and Far Horizons. His debut novel, Pariah's Lament, will be published by Fiction Vortex in Summer 2020. He co-hosts the podcast The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed, a venture inspired by the requests of readers of his critically-acclaimed book, A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook. Most nights you can find him up into the wee hours scribbling away or watching the NBA. Find out more at

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  1. alicegristle says:

    Nice! 🙂 I like the secret snapshot idea, because I can totally relate to that feeling of squirming in discomfort. 😀


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