A Halloween Special

Autumn’s grip is tightening. The cold air bites the face and mist billows from mouths. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be inside with a decent book. And you can get your hands on a couple today for just 0.99!

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Have you ever wanted to write? Do you write and feel like you want to improve? Have you been writing for years but are always looking for that extra morsel of information to use?

A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook is a comprehensive guide on the craft of writing fiction, writing fantasy fiction, and building your career as a writer. It’s been widely reviewed and those reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. You can check them out on Goodreads by clicking here; below are a couple of my favourites.

“I found myself binge reading A Fantasy Writer’s Handbook in the same way I would a great thriller. Written in a friendly, uncluttered style, Richard Billing has managed to accumulate and present a huge amount of useful information in a way that perhaps a favourite lecturer might do,” Reader’s Favorite

Wow! This book is a MUST HAVE for all fantasy writers! This book is a complete guide to fantasy writing. It covers everything from writing styles, POVs, writing rules and when to break them, types of fantasy, types of fantasy elements and subjects, how to market yourself as an author, and even lists of fantasy publishers!” The Bookish Munchkin


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And it’s available everywhere else that Amazon sells ebooks, all for the exact same price!

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And while I’m in the spirit of things, you can now pre-order the ebook edition of Flying on the Ground for just 0.99 too! After 3rd November the price will go back up to 4.99.

Inside, you’ll find twelve short stories from the genres of fantasy, historical fiction, general fiction, horror and crime. Tales of adventure, of intrigue, of defiance and love and the morally grey, exploring myriad themes from loneliness, fear, and pride, to the nature of creativity and the cycle of addiction, to name a few. All bar two of the stories have previously been published in various magazines, journals and anthologies.


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Have a great Halloween!


2 thoughts on “A Halloween Special

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the fan-friendly price, Ritchie, although my writer heart bleeds for you because, after all your hard work, you deserve all the pennies you can reap. Having said that, I jumped and bought a digital copy of FLYING ON THE GROUND. To soothe my guilt of feeling cheap, let me remind you that I paid full price for a paperback copy of your wonderful guide A FANTASY WRITERS’ HANDBOOK.

    PS I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo, and your A FANTASY WRITERS’ HANDBOOK will be on my desk at the ready! Even though I’m not writing a fantasy, your guidebook has fabulous tips in general. Hmmm…maybe I am writing fantasy, since it’s always been my fantasy to write a novel. ;D

    1. Thank you Connie! I really appreciate it! There’s not much to be done about poor royalties unfortunately. With these books it’s more about giving back than taking so I’m not too wounded by the low costs. I sincerely appreciate you pre-ordering the new book, though. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

      Good luck with NaNo this year! Haha I’m sure you can make this year’s fantasy a reality. I’ve only done NaNo the once but I learned a lot and think it’s a brilliant idea for getting those words down on paper. If you fancied writing a guest post for the blog at the end of the month sharing your thoughts and experiences, let me know!

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