A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook FREE until 28th June!

Amazon tells me I’m allowed to run another giveaway, so for the next five days, you can get your paws on a free copy of A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook!

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The offer applies worldwide, so wherever you are, you can dive straight in and start reading within just a few clicks. Below you can find a universal book link that automatically redirects to your territory. Nifty.


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Praise for A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook

“I found myself binge reading A Fantasy Writer’s Handbook in the same way I would a great thriller. Written in a friendly, uncluttered style, Richie Billing has managed to accumulate and present a huge amount of useful information in a way that perhaps a favourite lecturer might do.” Charles Remington, Readers Favorite

“What a fantastic read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it’s really well structured, informative and engaging and for those who enjoy writing and want to hone the craft it’s an incredible tool to have in your arsenal, full of techniques and theories to help inform your writing. Enjoyed the fascinating addition of the surveys in discussing the opinions of writers in terms of “the rules”. Some real gems of insight and lots of humour along the way. A fun guide and a good time!” Emma Bolland

There’s so much insight into writing fantasy contained within these pages. I’ve been a follower of Billing’s blog for a while now because his articles have impressed me time and again, and his book is just how I hoped–full of gems and his signature humour.” Sara

The sections are well thought out, research is explained, shared and credited and overall is written in a way that is straightforward and makes sense. Whilst reading I have made notes to apply to my own work in progress and will be referring to this handbook many times in the future. Having been fortunate enough to be provided with an advance copy in exchange for a review, I will definitely be ordering a hard copy to have on my bookshelf for instant referral. I would encourage all aspiring writers to do the same.” Chris

“Richie Billing has found a way to communicate a vast amount of information in a way that is easy to understand.” — Eric Wirsing.


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3 thoughts on “A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook FREE until 28th June!

    1. Ello. Yes it’s only free on Kindle at the moment. Once I’ve been released from the bondage of Kindle Unlimited, I’ll be uploading this to every other website too. You can download the Kindle app on any device and read through that at the moment

    2. The options can be a little confusing too. If it asks you to subscribe you may have clicked on the Kindle Unlimited version, but there’s a second button below it for general buying

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