LAST CHANCE – Get A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook for FREE! Plus 2 other books too!

A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook

I wish I could extend this giveaway period longer, but the wrath of Amazon is unyielding. Today is the last day you can get a copy of A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook for free!

I’ve been blown away by the surge in attention the book has received over the past few days. I sincerely hope everyone who’s downloaded a copy so far enjoys it and finds it of use.

The offer expires at midnight tonight. It applies worldwide and to all devices, even if you haven’t got a Kindle or e-reader. All you need to do is head to the Apple or Android store and download the Kindle app. Sign-up, get the book and your copy will be sent right to your account!

To get your free copy, click here (auto-redirects to your territory)

Get More Free Books

If you’d like even more free books, you can also get my collection of published short fiction, Flying on the Ground, and my self-help book on writing that covers all aspects of storytelling and getting published, Thoughts On Writing, free when you join my Community of Readers and Writers!

What’s this Community you may be wondering? It’s built on two things I love: reading and writing. From time to time I’ll drop you an email with links to free books or great book deals I think you may be interested in. And for the writers amongst you, I’ll send you the latest guides, tools and resources to help you in your scribbles.

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