A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook

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They say write the book you want to read. When I first started writing fiction, with nothing but ideas and enthusiasm and an ignorance of the elements of storytelling, this is the book I would have wanted as my guide.

Over the years I’ve spent countless hours studying the craft of writing and practising and honing that craft. I’ve learned many lessons, often in the harshest of ways, and the product of those lessons is this book: a guide to everything I’ve learned about writing, the fantasy genre, and the things that come when the writing is finished, if indeed it ever is.

The aim is to save you the long hours I’ve spent trawling through textbooks, sitting through lectures, seminars, workshops and scouring the web for every useful little morsel that can be found. It’s by no means a complete guide, but it’ll set you on the right path.

In the pages that follow you’ll find guidance on aspects of writing I find rarely feature in other books, and at times the focus will shift away from the technical elements and consider the philosophies behind writing, ways to help you maintain focus, and methods of battling the demons of doubt that forever loom over our shoulders.

We’ll look at the thriving genre of fantasy, the many facets that make it what it is, before turning to the histories of our world that so often inspire fantasy tales.

Lastly, this book will look at the things that come after you’ve finished your story—formatting, peer reviewing, finding publishers—and other things the contemporary writer can do to enhance their careers, such as making and maintaining a website, blogging, and promoting your work.

By the end, you’ll have a sound foundation upon which to build and the tools to venture out alone with courage and confidence. To help you reach that point, all you need is a commitment to work hard and the determination to overcome the challenges ahead.


A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook is released on 12th June 2019. You can pre-order it now by clicking here or the button below.

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