About The Blog

What is The Writer’s Tool Shed?

In short, my blog. Calling it ‘the blog’ is a bit boring. Stephen King’s already nabbed ‘the writer’s toolbox’. So I thought, “I do most of my writing in a shed. And in sheds, you keep useful things.” Why do I write in a shed? I have to smoke outside and when it rains, which is often, I naturally sought cover. Over the past few years, it’s slowly developed into my favourite place to write. It’s by no means warm. I look like the Michelin man during winter. But it’s where I’m most productive.

Anyway. The blog. Since the day I realised I was pretty shit at writing I’ve gone out of my way to study the craft. Lectures, workshops, course, books, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, audiobooks… I scour them all for nuggets of knowledge and record them all for later use. Another realisation struck me. Why not share these for the benefit of everyone else?

The purpose of the blog is to help fellow writers on their journey to publication. I’m going through this very same process and I want us all to succeed. We all have stories to tell and the world would be a better place if they heard them.

I read and write fantasy mostly, so there’s a heavy influence on the content. I try to keep it balanced, though. I know dragons named Kalad’uin and beardy wizards aren’t for everyone. So here’s the format:

Tuesdays: writing tips

Thursdays: Sharing is caring. The best blog posts and articles I’ve come across in the past week.

Friday: all things fantasy.

Each month I’ll post a schedule. I’ll promise to stick to it as best I can, though I can be forgetful.

To help you navigate this rather cluttered toolshed, check out the archive.