Below you can find details of the books I’ve published and those yet to come.


A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook

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A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook is a collection of the guidance on the craft of writing I’ve found most helpful over the years. Split into three parts, it covers the pillars of storytelling, writing in the fantasy genre, and what to do when the writing is done, with advice on creating and managing your writing platform.

Released in June 2019, it’s been met with rave reviews, which you can read here on Goodreads. It’s available to buy worldwide in ebook and in most countries in paperback. To start reading now, click here.

Flying on the Ground


“Billing is an imagination stoker, a writer cloaked in humanity’s secrets, with a coveted writing style that grips readers own inner demons. He is an author to watch.” Whiskey & Wit

“…quick reads, memorable and well worth your time.” Jay Veloso

So far in my writing career, I’ve been lucky enough to have had a fair few short stories published, but most are scattered across the web, making them hard to find, and I don’t know about you, but reading isn’t as fun on a computer screen.

Flying on the Ground is the compilation of all my published short fiction pieces, mostly in the fantasy genre, with a few historical fiction stories, general fiction, horror, and a touch of crime.

Pariah’s Lament


Pariah’s Lament is my debut novel, set to be published by Fiction Vortex in Spring 2020.

Turmoil erupts in the kingdom of Yurr when an attempt is made on the life of Keeper Ashara. His young advisor Edvar must uncover those behind it, but with strife with neighbours Karrabar and at home too, he doesn’t know where to turn. The troubles ripple throughout the realm, affecting a long-forgotten race—the Amast—who in their time of utmost need, turn to social pariah Isy for help.