[Book Review] A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook by Richie Billing – A Guide To Writing Fantasy

A thousand thank you’s to Steph for this lovely review of A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook, my complete guide on writing fantasy.

If you haven’t seen Steph’s blog before, head over there and check it out. You won’t be sorry.

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It’s brimming with brilliantly insightful reviews on all kinds of books. You won’t struggle to find something new, brilliant and exciting to read.

Steph had some very nice things to say about A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook, this being my favourite:

“This is an ideal, accessible source for tips and advice, and practical resources for the aspiring fantasy author.”

It’s made my day to know that Steph found the book so helpful. Like she says, the focus of the book is on writing fantasy, particularly writing a fantasy novel, though it can be just as much applied to writing a fantasy short story too. 

I’ve crammed the pages with stacks of writing tips, writing guides and writing advice from bestselling authors and leading thinkers in the field. Plus, you’ll find lots of fantasy writing inspiration in there too, with a whole section dedicated to medieval life and medieval warfare.

I absolutely love writing fantasy. The escapism and endless possibilities thrills and inspires me. I know so many other people who have an urge to write, writing fantasy in particular, and I always implore them to indulge in that urge. 

But many of them don’t know where to start. Do you have to do a Tolkien and spend decades creating a world? Or can you dive straight in and discover as you go along?

These were questions that struck me when I first began writing, and over the years I’ve come to learn much about writing fantasy novels and fantasy stories generally.

I wished I could have had a book like A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook when I first began writing. And that was my motivation behind putting this together, to help other people, to encourage and inspire them to pick up the pen or open that Word document and begin writing. 

Thank you again!

If you were interested in checking out A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook, it’s available worldwide on Amazon. Click here to check out dozens of positive reviews on Goodreads by clicking here. You can click the button below to download today. 

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