Loading your ebook onto your device

Thanks again for joining the community! If you’re here, you’re no doubt wondering how you can get your downloaded files onto your e-reader or device. Below, you can find the instructions you need.



The .MOBI file is designed for Kindles. Once downloaded to your computer, you have two options to get it onto your device:

1. Provided you’ve got the Kindle app downloaded onto your computer, you can open the file and sync it with your account, so when next you go on your Kindle device, it should be there waiting for you. If you haven’t got your sync settings switched on, just follow these instructions:

2. You can plug in your Kindle device directly into your computer and drag and drop the file into the Documents folder.


EPUB files are good to use with any other e-reader beside Kindle. The processes for this file type are much the same as for Kindle, but it depends on your type of device. Take a look through the list below for further advice.

  • Kobo e-reader – Open the file with your Kobo desktop app, select it and then click Add to E-Reader. You can also transfer by plugging in your device and dragging and dropping.



PDFs can be added with a straightforward drag and drop or can be emailed to devices and opened as attachments.


If you have any issues at all accessing your books, please drop me an email at [email protected] and I’ll do my very best to help.


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