26 Publishers of Long Fantasy Fiction

Happy Easter, folks!

I quite like Easter. Here in the UK, everyone gets a four-day weekend so spirits and moods are buoyant. It gives people a proper chance to de-stress, free time to catch up with family and friends and what sometimes feels like a rare opportunity to just enjoy being human without the burdens of work and life sitting on your shoulder.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Easter weekend, anyway, with plenty of chocolaty treats to gorge on. Here’s a little Easter treat from me: a list of 26 publishers of long fantasy fiction.

Since I began my list of publishers of short fantasy fiction a lot of people have asked for one for novellas and novels. Well, here you go. This will continuously be updated. 26 should keep you busy for a little while!

You can find the list as well as a few insights I’ve gleaned while researching by clicking here



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