Guest Posts, Interviews and Useful Resources

Welcome to my guest posts, interviews and useful resources page!

Here you can find links to all of the guest posts I’ve written for other websites, as well as links to interviews I’ve taken part in, and useful resources like workshop videos and lectures.


In this section you can find links to all of the interviews I’ve taken part in over the years, featuring a mix of video, audio and written.

Mysterious Goings On Podcast with Alex Greenwood

A big thank you to the wonderful Alex Greenwood, host of the Mysterious Goings On the podcast, for having me on his show! We had a brilliant chat about fantasy writing and my new book, Pariah’s Lament.

You can listen on all major podcast providers, including Spotify, below.

Become A Better Writer Today with Bryan Collins

I’d like to thank the brilliant Bryan Collins for having me on his podcast, Become A Better Writer Today. It’s a truly fantastic show with brilliant guests and I was honoured to take part.

In the episode, Bryan and I chat about writing and selling fantasy books, as well as a few trends in the book marketing world at the moment.

Listen on the Become A Better Writer Podcast page, or via Spotify below.

The Walkshow With Walker Neer

A massive thank you to Walker Neer for inviting me onto The Walkshow. I love his show, and his presenting style is so engaging, it was a delight to chat with you and it could have gone on longer.

Walker and I spoke about writing, Game of Thrones, George RR Martin, Pariah’s Lament, why I absolutely love writing fantasy, my top writing tools and tips, and a bit about my fantasy writing podcast.

You can listen below.

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