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My debut novel. An epic fantasy. Coming August 2020.

“It’s often those that everybody forgets about that possess the power to change the world in the most significant of ways.”


My acclaimed guide to the craft of writing, the fantasy genre, building your author platform and getting your work published.

Written in a friendly, uncluttered style, Richard Billing has managed to accumulate and present a huge amount of useful information in a way that perhaps a favourite lecturer might do. Readers Favorite

Available in eBook or paperback via Amazon.


My first collection of published short fiction. Featuring 12 tales from the genres of fantasy, historical fiction, general fiction, horror and crime. Tales of adventure, of intrigue, of defiance and love and the morally grey, exploring myriad themes from loneliness to fear.

Billing is an imagination stoker, a writer cloaked in humanity’s secrets, with a coveted writing style that grips readers own inner demons. He is an author to watch. Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews

Available in eBook or paperback via Amazon.



A comprehensive collection of advice, tips, guidance and ideas on the craft of writing.

A helpful book for new writers and good reminders for the more experienced. The world is rapidly changing and the way in which stories are accessed changing too. Richie covers this aspect in some detail and suggests some helpful ways to consider for reaching out to potential readers. Christine Costa

Available in eBook or paperback via Amazon.


The Writers’ Toolshed (blog)


My blog is dedicated to all things writing and fantasy fiction. You can find guides on the craft, tips and advice on writing fantasy, and lots of pointers on getting your work published, marketing your work, and building your platform.


The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed (podcast)

A podcast devoted to the craft of writing in all its forms, with a focus on the fantasy genre. Hosted by myself and JM Williams.

Come Join Our Writing Group!It's open to everyone! Here are the thoughts of some of our members...

"I love this group! It's so nice to have a bunch of writers to ask advice of, share my own experiences with, and cheer on each other's successes." Michelle

"It's a great community to meet up, encourage one another, and possibly collaborate with some in the future." Tina

"I can see some of what the other writers are doing instead of being in the dark and feeling alone with my writing." Dorthy

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