List of Book Reviewers

At times, finding a book reviewer can feel like the quest to destroy the One Ring.

And book reviews are important. Not only do they send a positive message to the world that your book is worth buying, but it gives writers crucial affirmation that they have the ability to do the thing they’ve poured their hearts and soul into.

I’ve spent countless hours searching for book reviewers and one day I came up with the bright idea of making a list. And here it is, in all its splendour: my list of book reviewers.

Most of the lovely people below review all genres from all authors and publishers—traditional to indie and everything in between. And they’re all truly wonderful people who love the written word!

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Here are a few tips on making queries.

  • Don’t send your book to a reviewer straight off the bat. You have to pitch it to them first, pique their interest and hope they request a copy for review.
  • Give a brief description of your book and state why you think it would be of interest to them and their followers, and wrap it up by offering to send them a copy in the format of their choosing. If you also mention that you have no time frame for the review in mind, reviewers tend to appreciate that. 
  • Be prepared to send reviewers a copy of your book in the format of their choosing. More often than not it’ll be MOBI (Kindle), EPUB, PDF, or on the odd occasion, paperback. If you just have a Word Doc and need to convert it to other formats, try using Calibre eBook Management. Totally free and converts your docs to a high standard.
  • Have your blurb, book links and cover image ready to send along with your book. All of them may well be requested.
  • Read the guidelines. Each reviewer has their own preference with what to include. Some like the blurbs, others prefer links to the likes of Goodreads. So be sure you have your Goodreads page ready to rock too.

If you happen to be looking for publishers for your work, I also have the following lists too:

List of Fantasy Novel Publishers

List of Fantasy Short Story Publishers

Download This List

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List of Book Reviewers

The Fae ReaderContemporary, Fairytale Retelling, Fantasy, Historical Romance, Mythology Retelling, Romance, Realistic Fiction, Time Travel, Sci Fi, Middle Grade
Elephant Tale BooksYA, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Horror, Dystopian, Fiction, Contemporary (on occasion)
Chelle’s Book Ramblingsn/a
The BookynistaYoung Adult, Contemporary, General Fiction, Fantasy, Middle Grade
Reads & ReelsDoes NOT accept Children’s Fiction, Non-Fiction, Religion or Spirituality, Biographies/ Memoirs, Erotica, Poetry
Mighty Thors JRSFantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Vikings, Norse Mythology, Historical Fiction, Historical Fantasy, Comics & Graphic Novels
The Girl on the GoFiction
Chat About BooksFiction
Book Bosomed BlondeScience fiction, Fantasy, Dystopia/Utopia, Thrillers, Mystery, Horror, Fairy-tale Retellings, Historical fiction, Cookbooks, Reference/Field Guides, Self-Sufficiency
John MendezFiction
Books4JessicaYA contemporary, YA romance (any sexual orientation), YA or any historical fiction, NA contemporary, YA fantasy/sci fi (i am a little picky with my science fiction and fantasy choices, but I will keep an open mind when considering a book for review), General fiction books, Memoirs, autobiographies, or interesting nonfiction books, Mystery novels, Diverse books (especially YA), Almost any YA, NA, or general fiction
Fantasy Book ReviewFantasy
One Book TwoFiction
Little Miss KindleFiction
BB MorganYA fantasy, high fantasy, epic fantasy, and sword/shield/magic
Best Fantasy Book SeriesFantasy
Beyond the Curtain of RealitySci-fi, Fantasy
Allies OpinionsDoes NOT accept Erotica , Extreme Horror, Self Help or Overly Religious books
SFBook ReviewsSpeculative Fiction
Big Al’s Books and PalsFiction
Books in BroganFiction, except Erotica
Derek EdgingtonFantasy (Dark, Contemporary, Urban, Epic, etc.), Science Fiction, Horror
The Violent VixenParanormal anything (romance, horror, fantasy, whatever), Romance, Fighters, Dystopian, Psychological Thrillers, Fantasy
Fang Freakintastic ReviewsParanormal, Science Fiction(very picky and limited), Epic Fantasy, Horror, Urban Fantasy, Speculative Fiction
The WanderersYoung Adult, Sci-Fi, Romance, Fiction, Non-fiction and Fantasy genres
What Is Life Without BooksFiction
Elena LinvilleScience fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Post-apocalyptic, dystopian
Up Til DawnRomance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci Fi Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction
CE ClaytonFantasy, Science Fiction, Fiction
Jimbo’s Awesome Science Fiction and Fantasy ReviewsScience fiction, Fantasy
Jacob RundleFiction
Readers FavoriteFiction, Non-fiction
Northern ReaderFiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Crime Fiction, British women writers
Books by BinduCrime Fiction
About WritingFiction
Pen and PaperFiction
Curled Up With A Good BookFiction
And So She ThinksFiction
SFF WorldScience fiction, Fantasy, Horror
SciFi ChickScience fiction, Fantasy
Fantasy Book CafeSpeculative Fiction
Best Fantasy Book SeriesFantasy
The Bewitched ReaderYA, NA, upper middle grade, adult, historical romance, fantasy, classic, classic adaptations, teen, paranormal romance and similar genres
Queen of BooksYoung Adult, New Adult and Middle Grade. If it is a fairytale retelling, has an aspect of  mythology, time travel, or is historical, I will most likely accept
The Genre MinxFiction
Way Too FantasyFantasy
Nadaness in MotionFantasy, paranormal, historical fiction, fantasy-romance, young adult, mythology, children’s and middle grade literature, crime and mystery, cosy mystery, horror, and fairy tale retellings
The Last Child of LeifFiction
Jeyran MainFiction
Bookshine and ReadbowsFiction
The Strawberry PostFiction
The Most SublimeHorror, fantasy, historical fiction, humour, comics/graphic novels and anything paranormal/supernatural
Books and Bag EndsFantasy, science-fiction, historical fiction/non-fiction
Unseen LibraryFiction
Scary MaryFiction
Rather Too Fond of BooksLiterary fiction, thrillers, crime and mystery, non-fiction and memoirs
Rosepoint Publishing

Mystery…Thriller…Suspense…Crime…Police Procedurals…Psychological Thrillers…

Historical Fiction…Spy-Espionage…Humorous…Adventure…Contemporary Fiction

Functionally FictionalFiction
The Caffeinated ReaderCrime/Mystery/Thriller, -Historical Fiction, YA/NA Fantasy, Sci-fi YA & Upwards, Nonfiction
Book FetishFiction
Syllables of SwathiCrime/Thriller/Mystery. Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction
The Haphazardous Hippo

Crime, Psychological thrillers, Mystery, Women’s contemporary and popular fiction, Historical fiction

Mom With A Reading Problem

Children’s Books (see Children’s Corner for more information), Women’s Contemporary, Science Fiction, Fantasy (urban, high), Dystopia, Young Adult or New Adult in the above sub-genres

Corinne Jet

Most subgenres of YA (contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, mystery/thriller), Fairy tale retellings, High fantasy in the vein of books such as Lord of the Rings, EragonThe Enchanted Forest ChroniclesAbhorsen, or Erin Hunter’s Warriors series, MG fantasy and sci-fi (think City of Ember, Pale Phoenix by Kathryn Reiss, Avi’s Poppy, and the aforementioned Enchanted Forest Chronicles and Warriors series), -Books with romantic subplots (though I have historically been more interested in romances based on conversation and building a relationship with one or two well-placed kiss scenes than the characters kissing and making out every five seconds), Books set in Japan or about Japan

Reading Through The Looking GlassFiction

Thanks for checking out my list of book reviewers! If you’re a book reviewer, booktuber, or bookblogger and would like to be added to the list, please drop me an email.

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