List of Book Reviewers

At times, finding a reviewer can feel like the quest to destroy the One Ring. And reviews are important. Not only do they send a positive message to the world that your book is worth buying, but it gives we writers crucial affirmation that we have the ability to do the thing we’ve poured our hearts and soul into.

I’ve spent countless hours searching for book reviewers and one day I came up with the bright idea of making a list. And here it is, in all it’s splendour. Most review all genres from all authors and publishers, from traditional to indie and everything in between. And they’re all truly wonderful people!

Here are a few tips on making those queries.


  • Don’t send your book to a reviewer straight off the bat. You have to pitch it to them first, pique their interest and hope they request a copy for review.
  • Give a brief description of your book and state why you think it would be of interest to them and their followers, and wrap it up by offering to send them a copy in the format of their choosing. If you also mention that you have no time frame for the review in mind, reviewers tend to appreciate that. 
  • Be prepared to send reviewers a copy of your book in the format of their choosing. More often than not it’ll be MOBI (Kindle), EPUB, PDF, or on the odd occasion, paperback. If you just have a Word Doc and need to convert it to other formats, try using Calibre eBook Management. Totally free and converts your docs to a high standard.
  • Have your blurb, book links and cover image ready to send along with your book. All of them may well be requested.
  • Read the guidelines. Each reviewer has their own preference with what to include. Some like the blurbs, others prefer links to the likes of Goodreads. So be sure you have your Goodreads page ready to rock too.
  • Make a list of who you’ve written to. Better still, the downloadable version of the list below features extra columns to help you track your progress.
  • Be patient. Reviewers are busy, with a long list of existing commitments before they probably even get to read your query. It could take a while for you to hear anything, and then it could be a few months before they get to your review. So if you’re planning the launch of your book, take this into consideration.
  • Subject lines I recommend are kept simple: “Review Request/Review Query: __________(name of book).” Given how many emails these reviewers must receive, I’ve recently begun experimenting with emojis. Love them or hate them, your email subject line is going to stand out more. I wouldn’t go mad with them, mind. One, two at a push, of something that’s related to the book. Here’s a handy list of the little critters.

Good luck!


Everyone who joins my writing community receives a free Excel version of this list with added columns to help you track your reviews. To join, simply fill out the form below. You’ll also receive an ebook on the craft of writing, lists of publishers of short and long fantasy fiction, and a few short stories!


Name of reviewer

Method of contact

Maria Harrison
Kayleigh Site form
Stephanie Pomfrett
Alysa Site form
Satthiya Kandi
James R. Schmidt  
TheGirlOnTheGo Site form
Kerry Parsons  
Susan Keefe
Colleen Chesebro Site form
John Mendez Site form
Alice Site form
Jessica Site form
Russell J Fellows Site form
Fantasy Book Review
Nell and Ivana Site form
Barbara Site form
B.B. Morgan
A. Aaron Site form
Charlotte Maidment Site form
Evelyn Rainey Site form
JC Steel Site form
Jason P Crawford 
Allie Summer Site form
Various Site form
Big Al
Brogan Site form
Derek Edgington Site form
Courtney Dion
Andi and Melanie
Charlotte Maidment Site form
David J Garrett
Amanda-Elizabeth Abend
Barb Taub Site form
Bob Milne Site form
Elena Linville
Dawn West Site form
CE Clayton Site form
Jim McCoy
Jacob Rundle Site form
The Fantasy Hive Site form
Fantasy Faction Site form
British Fantasy Society
Readers Favorite Site form
SFF World Site form
Fantasy Book Cafe
Best Fantasy Book Series Site form
The Bewitched Reader
Queen of Books
The Genre Minx Site form
Way Too Fantasy
Nadaness in Motion
Chris Pridmore Site form
Jeyran Main
Bookshine and Readbows
The Strawberry Post Site form
The Most Sublime Site form
GripLitGirl Site form
Unseen Library Site form
Scary Mary Site form
Rather Too Fond of Books
Rose Point Site form
Functionally Fictional
The Caffeinated Reader Site form
Book Fetish Site Site form
Allisa White Site form
Laura Buckley Site form
Jessica Belmont
GirlMeetsBooks Site form
Sarah Lillian Site form
Bookish Whispers (Kayla) Site form
Amanda Christina Site form
On My Bookshelf Site form
Bibi Site form
Abigail Site form
Herminia Site form
Emma SCR Site form
Tasha and Megan Site form
Darlene Site form
Umut Site form
Hold Up In A Book Site form
Lauren Reading Writing and Me
Elizabeth – Booktube Site form
April Grace – Booktube Site form
Lys Twitter
Cal Turner Site form
Rae Twitter
Clair Site form
Luna’s Little Library
Anniek Site form
Claire Knight
Celthric Site form
Lizzie Manning
Wendy Site form
Christi Site form
Mehsi Site form
Whiskey Witt Site form
Verushka Site form
Sam Sattler
Ashley Bookish Realm Site form
Rosie Amber Site form
Pixie Ponders Reviews
Kimberly Goodreads
Readers Lane Site form
Rach Goodreads
Zezee Site form

Baronness Book Trove
The Unseen Library Site form
The Bionic Book Worm Blog Site form
Between The Lines Site form
Worlds Unlike Our Own Site form
Teri Polen Email
Phil Leader Goodreads
Shalini Site form
Reading is my Superpower Site form
Bruce Perin 
Roy Murry Twitter
K T Robson Site form
The Spine View
Short Book and Scribes Site form
Alysa Rogan Site form
The Merry Reader
Tommye Turners Books Site form
Aconite Café Site form
Ideas on Papyrus Site form
The Bookish Den 
The Spellbinding Shelf
Hooked on Bookz Site form
Nerdy Books
One More Chap
Ad Librum
Librorum Site form
Enemies to Lovers
Bobbie the Bibliophile Site form
The Obvious Mystery Site form
A Little Nerd Told Me
Lady Bibliotaph
Books Nest
Tea Time and Books
Sereadipity Site form