List of Fantasy Book Reviewers

At times, finding a reviewer can feel like the quest to destroy the One Ring. The importance of a review to a writer cannot be understated. Not only does it send a positive message to the world that this is a good book, it gives crucial affirmation to the writer than they’re doing their job.

Below you’ll find a list of dedicated book reviewers, mostly in the fantasy genre. They review all types of publication, from traditional to self.

The best advice I can give is follow the guidelines. Some reviewers don’t like it when you send your story straight off the bat. You have to pitch it to them, sell it, and hopefully, they’ll go for it.

Good luck!


This list also features in the acclaimed ‘A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook’, the complete guide for writers of fantasy fiction.

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Name of reviewer

Method of contact

Maria Harrison
Kayleigh Site form
Stephanie Pomfrett
Alysa Site form
Numerous Site form
Satthiya Kandi
James R. Schmidt  
TheGirlOnTheGo Site form
Kerry Parsons  
Susan Keefe
Colleen Chesebro Site form
John Mendez Site form
Alice Site form
Jessica Site form
Russell J Fellows Site form
Fantasy Book Review
Nell and Ivana Site form
Barbara Site form
B.B. Morgan
A. Aaron Site form
Charlotte Maidment Site form
Evelyn Rainey Site form
JC Steel Site form
Jason P Crawford 
Allie Summer Site form
Various Site form
Big Al
Brogan Site form
Derek Edgington Site form
Courtney Dion
Andi and Melanie
Charlotte Maidment Site form
David J Garrett
Amanda-Elizabeth Abend
Barb Taub Site form
Bob Milne Site form
Elena Linville
Dawn West Site form
CE Clayton Site form
Jim McCoy
Jacob Rundle Site form
The Fantasy Hive Site form
Fantasy Faction Site form
British Fantasy Society
Readers Favorite Site form
SFF World Site form
Fantasy Book Cafe
Best Fantasy Book Series Site form
The Bewitched Reader
Queen of Books
The Genre Minx Site form
Way Too Fantasy
Nadaness in Motion
Chris Pridmore Site form
Jeyran Main
Bookshine and Readbows
The Strawberry Post Site form
The Most Sublime Site form
GripLitGirl Site form
Unseen Library Site form
Scary Mary Site form
Rather Too Fond of Books
Rose Point Site form
Functionally Fictional
The Caffeinated Reader Site form
Book Fetish Site Site form
Allisa White Site form
Laura Buckley Site form
Jessica Belmont
GirlMeetsBooks Site form
Sarah Lillian Site form
Bookish Whispers (Kayla) Site form
Amanda Christina Site form
On My Bookshelf Site form
Bibi Site form
Abigail Site form
Herminia Site form
Emma SCR Site form
Tasha and Megan Site form
Darlene Site form
Umut Site form
Hold Up In A Book Site form
Lauren Reading Writing and Me
Elizabeth – Booktube Site form
April Grace – Booktube Site form
Lys Twitter
Cal Turner Site form
Rae Twitter
Clair Site form
Luna’s Little Library
Anniek Site form
Claire Knight
Celthric Site form
Lizzie Manning
Wendy Site form
Christi Site form
Mehsi Site form
Whiskey Witt Site form
Verushka Site form
Sam Sattler
Ashley Bookish Realm Site form

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