List of Fantasy Magazines

Getting short stories published in the likes of fantasy magazines can do wonders for your confidence. I can still vividly recall reading my first ever acceptance email. It banished my doubt, filled me with confidence, and spurred me to write even more short stories. I didn’t get much sleep that night for the excitement. 

But finding a home for your fantasy short story can be tough. Not only do you have to find fantasy magazines, but you also have to check the submission guidelines for each one. There could be a big difference between the likes of Uncanny Magazine submission guidelines and Clarkesworld submissions, for instance. 

You also have to account for differences in location. For example, a UK fantasy magazine might have different formatting guidelines to a US fantasy magazine (such as to do with the type of dictionary you use).

Lastly, some fantasy magazines only allow submissions that meet their theme. These themes often change throughout the year, or perhaps with different anthologies. Either way, take your time to do the research and if you don’t feel that your short story meets that theme, don’t waste your time with a submission. 

It takes time to carry out this research, but worry not for help is at hand. 

Over the years I’ve chronicled the various publishers I’ve come across and compiled a long list of fantasy short story publishers, which you can find below. 

I’ve also put together some related guides, such as on writing cover letters and formatting a manuscript, also below.  

Useful Resources For Fantasy Magazine Submissions

I’ve put together a few useful guides to help you with your fantasy short story submissions. You can also use these guides for submitting short stories to any type of publisher, including horror magazines and science fiction magazines.

A Guide to Cover Letters – this guide goes over writing cover letters for short story submissions in particular. 

A Guide to Formatting A Manuscript – if you’re unsure how to format your short story in preparation for a submission, this guide will talk you through everything. 

List of Fantasy Novel Publishers – If you’re looking to get your novels published too, I have another list you may like.

List of Book Reviewers – And if you’re looking for reviews for your book, this list of over 100 book reviewers may be what you need.

Glossary of Fantasy Magazine Terms

While navigating your way through various fantasy magazines and their submission guidelines, you’ll encounter a few different terms which you may be unfamiliar with. Here are some of them and their definitions:

Pro: A status afforded by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America organization. Payment made for all accepted submissions.

Semi-pro: Payments awarded for accepted submissions, though lacking the ‘pro’ status.

Token: A magazine that offers a ‘token’ in exchange for accepted submissions, for example, a free copy of their issue.

Paid: A magazine that pays for accepted submissions but lacking the ‘pro’ status.

Non-payment: A magazine that does not offer anything for accepted submissions, save a well-deserved pat on the back.

Simultaneous submission: refers to whether or not you can send the same story to more than one publisher at the same time.


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List of Fantasy Magazines

1,000 words +        
Name Status Word limit Response Sim subs
Abyss & Apex Pro 10,000 Not stated No
Albedo Token 8,000 2 to 4 months No
Apex Magazine Pro 7,500 30 days No
Beneath Ceaseless Skies Pro 14,000 2 to 4 weeks Yes
Clarkesworld Pro 16,000 2 days No
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Semi pro 10,000 60 days Not stated
Fantasy Scroll Mag Paid 5,000 60 days Yes
Holdfast Magazine Token 4,000 Not stated Not stated
Inter Galactic Medicine Show Pro 17,500 Not stated No
Lightspeed Magazine Paid 10,000 Up to 2 weeks No
The Magazine of Sci Fi and Fantasy Pro 25,000 8 weeks No
On Spec Semi pro 6,000 Not stated Not stated
Pod Castle (audiobook only) Paid 6,000 Not stated Yes
Shimmer Semi pro 7,500 2 weeks No
Strange Horizons Paid 10,000 4 weeks No
Uncanny Magazine Paid 6,000 30 days No
Fireside Magazine Paid 4,000 30 days No
Aurealis Semi pro 8,000 2 months No
Glittership (audiobook too) Semi pro 6,000 Not stated Yes
Helios Quarterly Semi pro 1,500 5 to 8 weeks Yes
Selene Quarterly Semi pro 1,500 5 to 8 weeks Yes
Aurora Wolf Token 5,000 30 days No
Strange Constellations Token 7,500 30 days Yes
Mithila Review Token 8,000 2 weeks Not stated
Kzine Token 8,000 30 days Not stated
Giganotosaurus Token 25,000 30 days No
Aliterate Pro 8,000 28 days No
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores Pro 1,000+ 12 weeks No
Gamut Magazine Pro 5,000 Not stated Yes
Aphelion Webzine Non-payment 7,500 2 months No
Cirsova Semi pro 7,500 Not stated No
Crimson Streets Paid 6,000 Not stated Not stated
Electric Spec Paid 7,000 30 days Yes
Expanded Horizons Paid 6,000 30 days Yes
Gathering Storm Magazine Paid 2,000 15 dats Not stated
Kaleidotrope Paid 10,000 A few months Not stated
Lackingtons Paid 5,000 60 days No
Leading Edge Magazine Paid 10,000 A few months Not stated
Longshot Island Paid 5,000 Not stated Yes
Metaphorosis Magazine Paid 10,000 1 week Yes
Mythic Delirium Paid 4,000 Not stated No
New Myths Paid 10,000 90 days No
Golden Fleece Press Paid 5,000 Not stated Not stated
Sockdolager Paid 5,000 2 weeks No
Space and Time Magazine Paid 7,500 4 weeks No
SQ Mag Paid 5,000 8 weeks No
Tall Tale TV (audiobook only) Non-payment 3,000 A few days Not stated
Far Horizons Non-payment 3,000 Not stated Not stated
British Fantasy Society Token 5,000 3 to 4 weejs Yes
East of the Web   Not stated Not stated Not stated
Writer’ Forum Paid 3,000 3 to 4 weeks No
Not One of Us Paid 6,000 Not stated Not stated
Bards and Sages Paid 5,000 Not stated Not stated
Fantasia Divinity Paid 7,500 3 weeks Yes
Into the Void Token Not stated 6 weeks Yes
Asimovs Pro 7,500 Five weeks No
Interzone Pro 10,000 Not stated No
The Future Fire Paid 10,000 1 month No
Timeless Tales Paid 2,000 4 weeks Yes
Riddled With Arrows Paid 1,500 2 weeks Yes
Mad Scientist Journal Paid 8,000 Not stated No
Hyperion & Theia Paid 40,000 2 months Yes
Alban Lake Paid 10,000 Not stated No
Flame Tree Publishing Pro 4,000 30 days (after submission deadline) Yes
Odd Tales of Wonder Token Not defined Not stated Yes
Eibon Vale Press Token 4,000 2 to 3 months Not stated
Third Flatiron Paid 3000 8 weeks No
FIYAH Paid 7000 4 weeks+ No
Alien Pub Magazine Token 2,000 Less than two weeks Yes
Augur Token Not stated 8 weeks Yes
Snow Leopard Publishing Charitable 2,500 Not stated Not stated
Mythic Mag Paid 6,000 Not stated No
Unidentified Funny Objects Paid 5,000 30 days No
Fairytale Review Not stated 8,000 3 months Yes
Reshwity Publishing (anthology) Token 10,000 Nov-18 Yes
The Overcast (podcast) Paid 5,000 Within submission windows No
Spring Song Press Paid 10,000 1 month No
Country Dark Paid 10,000 Not stated Not stated
4RV Publishing Royalties Not stated (standard short story length) 3 months No
Æther & Ichor Token 5000 Not stated Yes
AHF Magazine Token 3000 1 week Yes
Allegory Paid No limit 6 weeks Yes
Alcyone Token 10000 Not stated No
Altered Reality Magazine Token Not stated 1 week No
Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine Token Not stated Not stated Yes
Anotherealm Paid 5000 Not stated Not stated
Aphotic Realm Token 5000 Not stated Not stated
Asymmetry Fiction Paid 3000 4 weeks Not stated
The Wyrd Paid 5000 6 weeks Yes
Writers of the Future Contest Paid Not stated 3 months No
The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Paid 5000 to 10000 Not stated Not stated
The WiFiles Not stated 5000 90 days Yes
The Weird Reader Token 4500 Not stated Yes
3 Lobed Mag Paid 7000 90 days No
Stupefying Stories Paid 10000 1 week No
Stinkwaves Magazine Not stated 3000 A few weeks Not stated
The Star Lit Path Token 7500 Not stated Not stated
Pixie Forest Publishing Paid Varies 1 month Yes
Castrum Press Not stated (novella and novel length) Not stated Not stated Not stated
Ombak Pro 4000 Months’ Yes
Polu Texni Pro Not stated Not stated Not stated
Shock Totem Pro 5000 90 days or less No
Three-Lobed Burning Eye Paid 1000-7000 Within 90 days No
Sub-Q Magazine Pro 1000-5000 60 days or less Yes
Little Blue Marble Paid 2000 (5000 for reprints) Not stated Yes
Hinnom Magazine Paid 250 to 3000 or 3001 to 5000 Within 30 days No
Enchanted Conversation Paid 700-2000 Not stated Yes
LampLight Paid 7000 Not stated Yes
Zombie Pirate Publishing Token 7500 Not stated No
Blood Bath Literary Zine Paid 2,500 Not stated Yes
Galli Books Paid 7500 A few weeks No
Waylines Paid 6000 30 days No
Farstrider Magazine Paid Not stated Not stated Yes
Crossed Genres Paid 6000 Not stated No
Black Denim Lit Unpaid 7500 Not stated Yes
Sorghum and Spear Paid 2,000 – 7,500 Not stated No
Parsec Ink Paid 5,000 Not stated No
AGNI Magazine Paid No limit 2-4 months Yes
B Cubed Press Paid 500-5,000 Not stated Yes
The Irreal Café Paid 2,000 2 months No
Copper Nickel Paid Not stated 8 weeks Not stated
Omni Magazine – Taking a break  Paid      
Flash Fiction – <1000        
Name Status Word limit Response time Simultaneous submissions
Aether and Ichor Paid Up to 3,000 but flash fic preferred Not stated Yes
Bewildering Stories Unpaid Up to 3,000 but flash fic preferred 3 weeks Yes
The Colored Lens Paid Up to 10,000 but flash fic preferred Not stated No
Local Nomad Unpaid 1,000 Not stated Yes
Dark Fire Fiction Unpaid Up to 5,000 but flash fic preferred 1 month Yes
Deadmans Tome Paid 1,000 and higher Not stated Not stated
Fictional Pairings Token 200-1,000 Not stated Not stated
Leading Edge Paid 1,000 and higher Not stated Not stated
Mirror Dance Token Up to 6,000 but flash fic preferred 2 months Not stated
Fiction War Paid 1,000 6 months Yes
Door is Ajar Token 1,000 6 months Yes
Storyland Literary Review Unpaid 1,000 Not stated Yes
Syntax & Salt Magazine Paid Up to 3,500 90 days No
Tell Tale Press Paid 500-5,000 Not stated Yes

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