List of Fantasy Publishers (long fiction)

Finding publishers is a tedious, time-consuming job. This list will save you the trouble. You can get a downloadable version by completing this form:

This list will be updated on a semi-regular basis. Below you’ll find a table of publishers of long fantasy fiction, i.e. novellas and novels. Most are open to submissions from everyone, also referred to as unsolicited submissions. A few require you to have a literary agent, known as solicited submissions.

Each publisher offers different payments depending on their size. Most in the list below offer royalties. From what I’ve read on their websites, none ask you to pay any money toward publication, though for some of the smaller organisations you may have to do more self-promotion.

From reading the guidelines of all of these publishers, the same rules crop up. Perhaps the most common is stick to the guidelines. It can be a ball ache having to re-format your manuscript each and every time, but it’s worth it, trust me.

If you’re a publisher and would like to be added to the list, or if you know of a publisher not featured, please drop me an email.

Happy subbing!


Name Payment Words Response time Unsolicited Submissions
Tor Forge Industry standard and royalties 95,000-150,000 Up to 6 months During specified periods
Harper Voyager Industry standard and royalties Not stated Not stated During specified periods
Orbit Books Industry standard and royalties Not stated Not stated No
Gollancz Industry standard and royalties Not stated Not stated During specified periods
Baen Competitive 100,000-130,000 9-12 months Yes
Penguin Random House Industry standard and royalties 80,000 Not stated No
Angry Robot Industry standard and royalties Not stated 10 weeks No
Azure Spider Publications Royalties 90,000 plus 3 weeks Yes
Barking Rain Press Royalties 20,000 4 weeks Yes
Class Act Books Royalties 20,000-125,000 10 days Yes
Dancing Star Press Royalties 17,500-40,000 6 weeks Yes
Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Small advance and royalties 75,000-100,000 3 months Yes
Eraserhead Press Royalties 20,000-100,000 Within 2 months after end of reading period Yes
eTreasures Publishing Royalties 10,000-100,000 60 days Yes
Fablecroft Publishing Advance and royalties 20,000-60,000 3 months Yes
Freedom Forge Press Royalties 25,000-100,000 8 weeks Yes
Gypsy Shadow Royalties 10,000-50,000+ 3 months Yes
Mundania Press Royalties 40,000-100,000 3 months Yes
IFWG Royalties 60,000-90,000 A few months Yes
Dead Ink Royalties 100,000 A few months Yes
Ink Smith Publishing Royalties 30000 upwards 8 weeks Yes
JournalStone Royalties 50,000 upwards 6 months Yes
Twilight Times Books Small advance and royalties Not stated 4 weeks Yes
St Martin’s Press (MacMillan) Industry standard and royalties Not stated Not stated No
Reliquary Press Royalties 60,000 upwards 2 weeks Yes
Pink Narcissus Press Small advance and royalties 50,000 upwards 6 weeks Yes
Founders House Publishing Royalties Not stated Not stated Yes
Quirk Books Royalties Not stated Not stated Yes
DAW Advance and royalties 80,000 upwards 3 months Yes
Literary Wanderlust Royalties 65,000-100,000 4 to 6 weeks Yes
Kensington Books Royalties 20,000 upwards 3 months Yes
Mirror World Publishing Royalties 130,000 maximum 6 to 8 weeks Yes
Mocha Memoir Press Royalties 30,000 to 80,000 6 to 8 weeks Yes
Montag Press Royalties 70,000 at least Several months Yes
Muse It Up Publishing Royalties 20,000 upwards 16 to 18 weeks Yes
Parvus Press Advance and royalties 60,000 upwards 90 days Yes
Priestess and Hierophan Royalties Up to 60 pages Up to 6 months Yes
Pyr Not stated Up to 130,000 Not stated No
Resurrection House Advance and royalties 40,000-100,000 6 weeks Yes
Silver Leaf Books Royalties No limit 6 months Yes