Announcing My New Community of Readers and Writers

If COVID-19 has highlighted anything in our society, it’s the need look after one another, to work together and to reach out to those that may need help and support.

I’ve met so many wonderful people during lockdown (ironically enough), both neighbours and people across the globe, trapped indoors. It’s this inadvertent consequence of the pandemic that I don’t want to lose. I’ve enjoyed this sense of community too much and, quite simply, I don’t want it to end.

This is why I’ve decided to create a new Community built on two things I’m passionate about more than anything else: reading and writing. Two things that during lockdown have kept me and a lot of people around the globe sane. It’s been so heartening to see book sales increase across the board, young people turning to books for entertainment, and more people than ever before writing and sending out their books to agents and publishers. It feels like the beginning of something special, but once lockdown eases for good it could quite easily revert back to the status quo—no time for books, no time for writing, no time to create. Instead, sucked back into our lives by the Capitalist Machine.

So each month, I’ll be working with writers from all over the world to bring you great deals on books, as well as plenty of free reads.

Plus, there’ll be lots of tips, tools, resources and guidance on the writing front, with content ranging from blogs to podcasts. When you join the Community, you’ll also receive a toolbox of writerly goods, including lists of publishers and a list of over 150 book reviewers.

When I describe this as a community, I mean it. I’m always happy to review any bits of work or answer any writing-related queries you may have. And if I can’t help, I’ll do my best to find someone who can. The way we improve is by helping each other and that’s the ethos behind everything I do.

To join the Community, simply complete the form below. As a welcome gift, you’ll receive free copies of two of my books—Flying on the Ground, my collection of published short fiction for the readers amongst you, featuring stories from the genres of fantasy, historical fiction, general fiction, horror and crime, and; Thoughts on Writing, a comprehensive collection of advice, tips, guidance and ideas on the craft of writing. Think of it as a self-help book on writing. Both books are currently on sale on Amazon for a few quid so why not take advantage? Plus, you can download them in any format you prefer!

If you experience an issue with the above form, you can try this link instead:

Once you join the Community, you’ll receive a welcome email with both books in, as well as the writing tools I mentioned earlier. If you don’t get it right away, check your spam folder.

6 thoughts on “Announcing My New Community of Readers and Writers

  1. You always organize your thoughts so well! Could you do a post on setting up a mailing list, like how you did it with Mailchimp? There are many new writers like myself who are struggling with this step. A mailing list is so important right now.

    1. Thanks! And that’s a wonderful idea. I’ve added it to my to do list. Would you like the focus to be more on how you grow a list? Or the mechanics of setting one up?

      1. Both would be nice. I have a Mailchimp account and I’ve been using WordPress Blocks to advertise it, but with little success. A mailing list is one of the best ways to create a reader/fan list for your WIP.

  2. Hi, Richie! When I tried to sign up for the Community, I got a message that the link had expired. I know I’m slow at times, but I missed the opportunity already?

    All the best,
    Connie Parrott

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