Celebrating Sci-Fi and Fantasy Week on Goodreads

It may well be my favourite week of the year! Sci-fi and Fantasy week is upon us on Goodreads. A celebration of all things spec fic! And to mark this glorious occasion, I’m running a massive giveaway!

The lovely people at Goodreads have put together some terrific lists of books to read in these genres, plus their myriad sub-genres. Below, you can find links to those lists. Hopefully, you can find the next book to lose yourself in!

The 100 Most Popular Fantasy Books on Goodreads

The 100 Most Popular Sci-Fi Books on Goodreads

Celebrating SFF Sub-Genres With These 64 Books

45 Recent Hits of Speculative Fiction

Download A Free Fantasy Book – Currently #1 in the Fantasy Anthology Bestseller Charts (Amazon)

To celebrate this glorious occasion, you can get my collection of gripping high fantasy stories, Tales of Tervia, for free! It’s available on Kindle and every other eBook provider you can think of. And it’s currently #1 in the Amazon bestseller charts in the Fantasy Anthology section (a huge, huge thank you to everyone who’s got their copy so far and made this happen! I’m utterly thrilled!).

Click the button below to get your free download and start reading today!

Win Free Fantasy Books!

And why stop there? I’ve kicked off a giveaway any fantasy lover will appreciate! In my little bookish treasure trove, you can win free paperbacks of Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas EamesThe Name of the Wind by Patrick RothfussFlying on the Ground, my collection of fantasy short stories, and A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook, a complete guide on writing fantasy stories and getting them published. Also included is a free t-shirt featuring the cover of Flying on the Ground, and a few bookmarks, because we all need bookmarks!

To enter, simply click here, the button below, or the image below that, complete the very short form, and job’s a gooden!

Learn How To Write Your Own Epic Fantasy Stories

And it doesn’t stop there. I’ve also slashed the price of A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook to as low as Amazon will allow, which after the UK ended VAT for books, is now just £0.77, or $0.99 everywhere else! Again, just click the button below to start reading today.

Praise for A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook

“This is an ideal, accessible source for tips and advice, and practical resources for the aspiring fantasy author. It has even tempted me to have a little try for myself, although with the siren call of my TBR pile I don’t imagine I will get too far towards adding my own efforts to the genre. I will probably just stick to reading it!” Steph Warren, Vine Voice Amazon reader

“…by using a light touch and conversational style Richie Billing has probably produced the seminal work on the subject,” Readers Favorite.

“An invaluable guide to help improve and check that your fantasy novel is on track. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone writing fantasy.” Colleen, Amazon reader.

Find Out More About These Free Fantasy Books

I’ve included links to the dedicated pages of my books where you can find out more about each one, check out more reviews, as well as a few sample chapters.

Happy reading everyone!


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