Group AMA on r/Fantasy! Come And Say Hi!

A few weeks ago my fellow OMaM writers and I opened the door to our shared world with the publication of our first anthology of high fantasy fiction: The Of Metal and Magic Compendium.
Today, we’re hosting a Group AMA over on Reddit’s r/fantasy to talk about our work, our experiences writing collaboratively, and our views on our publisher’s new and unique story structure.
Plus we’re giving away free copies of the compendium to the people who ask our favourite questions of the day!
Come on over and say hello!

So come on over and say hello. We don’t bite!

Taken from r/Fantasy

Hello, fantasy fans! We’re the writing team behind Of Metal and Magic, Fiction Vortex’s high fantasy Storyverse. What’s a Storyverse you may be asking? It’s a shared universe where multiple authors pen overlapping series. If you imagine the Marvel cinematic universe in novel form, you’ll have a basic idea. We all collaborate and work together to build one world—Soria. Our stories take place at different times over a 10,000-year period, connecting in a myriad of ways and working together to construct a world rich with history, culture, and most important of all, stories.

We have authors and staff from all over the world. Three authors live in South Korea, one in Australia, one in the UK, two in the United States, and our editor is in Italy. Obviously, trying to arrange a staff meeting can be a real mess.

We’ve recently opened the door to the world of Soria with the release of a compendium of fiction and artwork. There’s a fine mix of original short fiction, in-world articles, and the initial chapters for all the novels we have slated for release in the coming year. All of them, we hope, will draw you deeper into our shared world, a world we hope you’ll come to love as much as we do.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say which gives you more of an idea of what to expect:

“Of Metal and Magic is reminiscent of the Kingdoms in Game of Thrones. There are stories within stories, each setting has their own fantastical beasts to slay – Dragons, Unicorns, Kamani – greedy rulers, lush landscapes and harsh environments, and then there are the characters – low born or high, the brave and the weak, the courageous and the cowardly – with every new story the reader becomes invested in the World of Soria – where past and present meet between OMAM’s pages. Literary Enchantment.” Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews

The compendium is available on Amazon in eBook and paperback HERE.

If you read a number of these stories, you may notice a difference in structure. Fiction Vortex designs their books in a way that we regard as something of a marriage between the traditional novel format and the common structure of TV shows. FV’s novels are split into episodes, with each episode split into chapters, or scenes. It’s a structure not many of us had come across before, and one we’ve grown to quite like. This structure is based in part on a vision of a new era of mobile reading. Fiction Vortex is working on a dedicated reading app to exploit the episodic format.

The beta of the reader can be found HERE. No OMAM content is currently on the app. But it will give you an idea of what we are headed towards.

What do you all think about the episodic format? We’d also love to hear your questions on collaborative writing. We’re sure you must be curious as to what it’s like bringing together so many writers from all over the world to build a mutual world. What do you think of this Storyverse concept? Those who ask our favourite questions of the day will win a free eBook edition of our new compendium!

For more writing tips, head here.


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