The End

My novel, Pariah’s Lament, is finally finished, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.


Part of me is happy and glad to have finally finished a project which has consumed much of my life for the past two years. I’ve invested so much time and effort into it, I just hope you all like it. I think it’s the not knowing that has triggered a sense of apprehension. “What ifs” fly through my mind at the speed of the Space X rocket. I’ve always struggled with self-doubt, and these past few days the little bastard has been shouting at the top of its voice. Only two people have read Pariah’s Lament in its entirety—one of my best friends, Mark, who’s been nothing but sensational in giving up his time to read the book and provide crucial feedback, and my ever-patient editor, Anna. 

Above all, I feel empty. I’ve created two protagonists I’ve grown to know and love. I’ve spent gods know how many hours with them. They each go on tremendous journeys and become better people, overcome challenges and obstacles and solve problems far beyond what society believes them capable of. For now, at least, I have to set them aside and say farewell. I’ve never quite understood writers when they talk about connections they have with their characters. Now I do. 

A part of me is feeling a little lost, too. I’ve been fully engaged in this project and now I have nothing to do. Well, not strictly true, but you get what I’m saying. This is by far the least of my concerns, and no doubt I’ll find something to capture my imagination soon, but at the moment, it feels a little odd. 

So Pariah’s Lament is finished. Done. Fin. Over. Two years, hundreds of hours, and a story clocking in at about 110,000 words that I truly hope you enjoy.  

You can read the first chapter of Pariah’s Lament by clicking here. I have quite a few exciting marketing props planned for the book, including character artwork, maps, a rather unique audiobook with accompanying sketches and 3D sound effects, plus a bunch of interviews and blog tours. If you’re a writer as well as a reader, I’ll be shifting the focus of my blog to author marketing, so be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with new tips and guides.

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6 thoughts on “The End”

  1. Congratulations on finishing your novel. You should definitely reward yourself lavishly.

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