The General & The Visitor now available at Amazon!


A couple of days later than billed, The General & The Visitor, two short stories written by myself and very good friend Mark Brooks, is now available to buy at Amazon. Click here to get your copy!

All proceeds go to Ranelagh House Care Home, a charity based in my hometown Liverpool.

When I gave up my job as a lawyer one of the reasons was to use my time to give something back. So I began to volunteer at my grandmother’s care home, Ranelagh House, and during my visits something became apparent—the lack of activities.

After chatting to a few of the residents—Doreen, Sheila, Edna, Ramona, Clarice, Eileen and my grandmother Joan too—I learned in their younger years they ventured to the cinema three, four, even five times a week. Nearly every high street in Liverpool had a cinema; some had two or three! Cinema played a massive part in their lives, socially and culturally. So I decided to begin a film club, and since November 2016 every Monday afternoon we sit down with popcorn and ice cream and watch one of the classics.


Not long ago I learned that a fantastic local community cinema named ‘The Plaza‘ runs special screenings for the elderly. The perfect day out! But my hopes were soon dashed. Not enough money in the activities budget. In fact, no money at all in the budget. Why? The Tory government took it all away.

I’m not much of a runner so didn’t fancy doing a marathon to fundraise. Nor did the idea of something like the Three Peaks Challenge appeal to me. So I approached my very good friend Mark Brooks, to whom I owe so much, and together we decided to each write a story to try and raise some money to take the residents of Ranelagh House to the cinema!

And here they are. Two very different tales, one of fantasy, the other existentialist, both exploring the fragility of life.

A huge thank you goes out to another dear friend (and hopefully soon-to-be brother-in-law), Mark Vernall, the genius behind the front cover. Painstaking hours were invested in this beautiful image and Mark did it all out of the good of his heart.

An endless sea of thanks if you purchase our stories! Your small investment will go a long way in enriching the lives of the residents of Ranelagh House. (And please leave a review too!)

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