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Thoughts on Writing is now available to pre-order! The release date is a week today, Friday 17th April!

Behind the book

It was always my intention to release this book, only not so soon. Why now? Coronavirus has changed everything. It’s changed our daily lives and it’s changed how we communicate. My grandmother is in a care home, all of which are currently on lockdown. I couldn’t see her even if I tried. Anyone with family members suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s know the difficulties they experience using telephones, but in this modern age, we have brilliant apps like Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. They may not be able to replace human contact, but they’re the next best thing. And to those stuck in isolation in care homes, missing their loved ones, desperate to see their faces again, a video call on a tablet can make all the difference.

This is just one of the many issues that Covid-19 has created. There are many more, ranging from lack of personal protective equipment to people struggling to cover their bills each month. So I’ve decided that all of the funds raised from this book will be used to help tackle the impact of the virus. Buying iPads or tablets for cash-strapped care homes, supporting food banks, covering the costs of charities on the brink of closing, and once the virus is defeated, rewarding and appreciating all of those selfless individuals who risked their lives to keep us safe and well.

Now more than ever we need to be there for those most vulnerable in society. So often it’s these people who fear isolation most, who fear to be forgotten. Even if I can help just a few people with this cause, it’ll be worth it.

What can you expect?

A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook was received far better than I could have hoped for, but the focus on fantasy I feel alienated some readers and writers. About seventy per cent of that book is made up of general writing advice, so I’ve always been keen to take that, build upon it, and release a general book on writing fiction. And here we are.

The book is shaped by research I conducted a couple of years ago and covers in-depth the core elements of storytelling, as well as key aspects of the craft that I rarely find mentioned in other books on writing. You’ll find chapters dedicated to the mental side of writing—battling doubt, maintaining focus—and critical questions and issues for writers to consider in our modern age. Lastly, I look at methods and tools that you can utilise to help you build your author platform, from blogging to podcasting.

For new writers, I hope that by the end you’ll have the tools to tackle your writing projects with confidence, and for more experienced writers, I hope you can take away some new insights and perspectives on this craft we call writing.

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