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Hiya everyone, I hope you’re all well and fending off this dreaded virus.

Some good news to break away from the monotony of isolation—Thoughts On Writing is now out and available to buy worldwide in eBook and paperback!

All of the funds raised from this book will be used to help tackle the impact of the coronavirus—buying iPads or tablets for cash-strapped care homes so residents can communicate with loved ones, supporting food banks, covering the costs of charities on the brink of closing, and once the virus is defeated, rewarding and appreciating all of those selfless individuals who risked their lives to keep us safe and well.

Start reading

The book is available worldwide on Amazon. If you didn’t want to dive in right away, you can download a sample. Here are the links…

Amazon US

Amazon UK

For all other territories click here (automatically re-directs to your country)


About the book

Thoughts on Writing is a comprehensive collection of advice, tips, guidance and ideas on the craft of writing. Brought together by research conducted by the author, it covers in detail the core elements of storytelling—premise, characterisation, plotting and conflict—as well as key aspects of the craft that are rarely mentioned in other books on writing, such as prose, world-building and writing fight scenes. You’ll find chapters dedicated to the mental side of writing, such as battling doubt and maintaining focus, and critical questions and issues for writers to consider in our modern age. Lastly, the book considers methods and tools that you can utilise to help you build your author platform, from blogging to podcasting, as well as ways to help you get your stories published.

New writers will, by the end, have the tools to tackle their writing projects with confidence, and for the more experienced writer, you’ll find new and unique insights and perspectives on this craft we call writing.

A look inside


As well as the above, I’ve also included the first chapter of my upcoming novel, Pariah’s Lamentat the back of the book too.


A huge thank you

I put this book up for pre-order just a week ago and the response it’s received so far has been remarkable. Thank you, everybody, who pre-ordered. I hope you’re all enjoying your copies as we speak!


A small request

In order to raise as much money as possible, please, please, please share the book with as many people as possible. Friends, family, neighbours, anyone! Your help is massively appreciated not just by me, but all those who will benefit from the funds raised. 

To help even further, if you have just a few seconds or minutes to spare, please give the book a review on Amazon. Reviews are a tremendous way of spreading the word and send a positive message out to the world that it’s a book worth reading.

Thank you once again! I hope you enjoy it, and as always, I’d love to hear from you with your thoughts and opinions!



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