Editing Service

I’m very much married to writing. It’s been a part of my daily routine for over a decade. I’m a well-published fiction writer, with short stories in over a dozen journals, and my debut novel will be published in Spring 2020 by Fiction Vortex. In June 2019 I released to great acclaim ‘A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook’, a compendium of the writing advice and guidance I’ve found most useful over the years.

To help me reach this point, I had to learn to edit. For me, editing is where the real writing is done. But it’s a process that requires more than just your skill alone. You need fresh perspectives, eyes that see things you’ve become blind to. I’ve worked with plenty of editors and I’ve learned from each and every one of them—what to do and what not to do. I rigorously edit my own work and that of others too, and now I’m extending the service to anyone who may need it.

The types of editing I carry out are:

  • Developmental – the big picture stuff.
  • Structural – how your story is structured.
  • Copy – the nitty-gritty details of your book—prose, characterisation, plotting—things that will help polish your story until it gleams.
  • Line – things such as POVs, word usage, sentence structure. The flow of your writing, in other words.
  • Formatting – pieces can be formatted appropriately if sending out to publishers or formatted for self-publishing too.

Click here to see a copy of my Terms of Service. And if you’d like to make a query, just fill out the contact form below.