Short Stories

Welcome to my short stories page.

The idea behind these tales is to show you more of the land of Tervia, the setting of the novels to come. Some characters featured in some instances fleetingly in the novels have their very own stories here, be it little Inia of the River Folk, ninety year old Nana, the conflcited General, or the desperate Malela and Bryn.

I’m intrigued by the small insights we get into people’s lives. A story, an incident, a loss, personal change—their defining moments. This is the idea behind these stories, to reveal how some of the more peripheral characters have ended up where they are.

The tales have so far explored issues of letting go, the morality of taking the life of another, of change; tales of adventure, war and heroism. Together they form a collection: The Tales of Tervia. Below you can find links to those that have so far been published.



The General

The Pigeon Catchers