Prose: Writing with the Senses

Merely communicating how something looks or sounds isn't enough to bring a story to life. Many people experience things through smells, touch, taste. In fact, these oft forgotten senses are some of the most powerful forms of description, things which can enrich a story and give it life.

Prose: The ‘Dreaded’ Passive Voice

The passive voice was something of a mystery to me when I first began writing. Once I learned about it, panic consumed me like realising I'd not locked the front door while boarding a plane. Everything I'd written up to that point was riddled with it, dripping from sentences like phlegm.

You can now follow on Twitter!

Hello all, I hope you're well. The weekend is nearly upon us and we can all sigh with relief. A few people have enquired about social media profiles, so I've set up a dedicated Twitter account for anyone that's interested. As well as posting updates, I'll try and share some helpful creative writing articles… Continue reading You can now follow on Twitter!

Playing God: Tools for Crafting Characters

It’s not an easy skill to come up with interesting and compelling characters. My research article exploring reasons why people stop reading a book revealed weak characterisation to be one of the biggest culprits. This article will first consider what makes a character interesting before going on to explore some tools to help you craft your own.

What’s the Plot?

People want to read stories. Your heroic warrior protagonist might have all the depth of the oceans, but if all he does is decapitate orcs, the reader's going to feel pretty headless too.

The ‘process’ of writing and 5 ways to get you going

  When I first began writing it's fair to say I was ignorant of most of the rules of creative writing. I just had a need pick up a pen and get things down on paper. Recently I came to review some of the first bits of writing I did. The first draft of an… Continue reading The ‘process’ of writing and 5 ways to get you going