The Siege

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A fantasy writer’s guide to … Castles and Keeps: Part Two

In our first assault, we tackled a few of the main types of fortification found in castles—towers, gatehouses, moats, drawbridges—as well as looking at some of the earlier types of medieval fortifications. Today we're going in for a second charge to tackle walls, battlements, and the structures within the walls.   "Ride now! Ride for… Continue reading A fantasy writer’s guide to … Castles and Keeps: Part Two

A Fantasy Writer’s Guide to … Castles and Keeps: Part I

We've lost more than we know, but what we have retained has inspired some, if not all, of the greatest fantasy stories in one way or another. Taking the time to do a bit of research on what you're writing about will empower your storytelling and, hopefully, enthral your readers. Today we're besieging the fortifications which dominated the Middle Ages, and of course which feature in our beloved fantasy genre.