Sharing is Caring Thursday #6 Reviewers selling ARCs, world-building, agents, and using ‘and’ & ‘the’

This week I'm sharing a mix of articles courtesy of some of the excellent bloggers I follow. You'll find an interesting research piece on the use of the words 'and' & 'the', insights into querying agents, the importance of world-building, and a very sad development in the world of writing, one all writers should be aware of: reviewers selling ARCs.

Sharing is Caring Thursdays #4 Literary jobs, showing v telling, livening up book reviews, and readers’ pet peeves

There’ve been a lot of very good articles flying about in the past few days. I’ve tried to feature as many as I can. Below you’ll find a nice variety of subjects: literary jobs, showing v telling, livening up your book reviews, and some of the things that annoy readers most.