The Fantasy Writer’s Toolshed [Podcast]

The Fantasy Writer’s Toolshed is dedicated to all things writing, fantasy fiction, and building your author platform, all with the aim of helping you become a better writer. Expect writing advice and guidance, fantasy fiction debate, guest appearances, and lots of giveaways. We’ll answer all of your questions, like: ‘how do you write a fantasy story?’  Hosted by me, Richie, and my good friend, JM Williams.

We may maybe one of the only fantasy writing podcasts, but it won’t just be about fantasy writing. We cover all elements of the craft, from plotting and dialogue to prose and marketing. Some of the things you can expect:

  • Writing tips, techniques, guides, methods, theories and plenty of chit chat;
  • Fantasy writing tips and techniques, such as on world-building, fantasy tropes, naming characters and place and weapons and armour;
  • Plenty of guests to talk about hot topics, such as men writing women characters and vice versa;
  • Giveaways and competitions!

Episodes are monthly and you can write to us at any time with questions, queries or requests about fantasy writing, writing generally or building your author platform. We’ll aim to cover them all on the next show. And to stay up to date with all the latest podcasting news, why not stay in touch? Simply fill out the form below and select what you’re interested in.


All episodes are available to listen to on Acast, iTunesSpotify, Google Music, Stitcher, TuneIn, Podbean and Youtube. Click the pics below to go straight to the channel. 

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