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Hosted by myself and fellow writer in crime, JM Williams, The Fantasy Writer’s Toolshed is a fantasy writing podcast dedicated to:

  • All things writing – tips, guides, advice and support
  • Fantasy fiction
  • Helping you build your author platform and brand, and ultimately, helping you create and build a successful writing career

Episodes are monthly and you can write to us at any time with questions, queries or topic requests about fantasy writing, writing generally or building your author platform.


All episodes are available to listen to on Acast, iTunesSpotify, Google Music, Stitcher, TuneIn, Podbean and Youtube. Click the logos below to go straight to the channel.

You can also listen to some of our most popular episodes below too.

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Most Popular Podcast Episodes

About Our Fantasy Writing Podcast

Around the middle of 2019, myself and fellow writer in crime, JM Williams, floated the idea of starting a podcast. I’d seen many people veering toward audio as an alternative form of learning. And let’s be honest, listening to podcasts while you’re doing a mundane chore like washing the dishes is a terrific way to multi-task and turn unproductive time into productive.

There are many great author podcasts, like the Writing Excuses podcast or the Writing Prompts podcast or the Am Writing Fantasy Podcast, which I’d appeared on a few years ago. But not many of them and not very many dedicated to writing fantasy.

So we decided to create our own fantasy writing podcast, and we christened it The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed.

What Do We Cover?

We try to cover as much ground as we can. Our aim is to be the best fantasy writing podcast, the one that provides invaluable writing advice and writing tips and support. We want to help you in any way that we can so that down the line, you can create and develop a successful fantasy writing career.

Each episode, we focus on one subject—how to write fantasy characters, how to develop a plot, what is a theme, how do you create conflict… among many other topics. We also cover things like how to write a short story and how to design a book cover. We pretty much cover all aspects of writing and author marketing. We’ve covered a fair bit so far, but there’s still more to be done.

We don’t just cover fantasy writing, but fantasy literature too, as well as fantasy book reviews, competitions and giveaways. We also have regular guests to provide us with crucial insights into different aspects of writing and publishing, from editors and graphic designers to audiobook narrators.

Fantasy Fiction Podcast

Scouring the internet looking for the best fantasy writing podcast, or even a fantasy fiction podcast, or a fantasy podcast on Spotify, can produce frustratingly little results. My favourite fantasy fiction podcast is Tall Tale TV. Chris Herron is a terrific narrator and he’s done brilliant things with two of my own stories. If you’re looking for a great fantasy fiction podcast to lose yourself in, check out Tall Tale TV.

Other Resources and Guides

Below, you can find some other fantasy writing guides and resources you may find useful.

List of Fantasy Magazines

A List of Fantasy Novel Publishers

And A List of Book Reviewers

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