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A writing course that’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to build a fantasy world, complete with guidance on how to reveal the world once created, with tips from bestselling authors like Brandon Sanderson.

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Worldbuilding is perhaps the defining aspect of being a fantasy writer. In order to tell our stories, we often have to create an entirely new world from scratch. And it’s a challenge. One that can go wrong at many turns.

In this writing course, we look at how to build a fantasy world, examine key questions you can ask yourself on the physical side of things, like geography, and also the culture of your world—how cities and society are organised, whether there’s any organised religion and so on.

We then go into lots of detail on how to reveal a fantasy world, which is often the biggest challenge for writers. Reveal too much and you’ll stray into the realms of the info dump, something readers hate as my research on the reasons why people stop reading books revealed.

Along the way, there’ll be plenty of advice from bestselling authors like Brandon Sanderson and JRR Tolkien.

Also Included

As well as my writing course, I’ll also send you an invite to my personal writing group and Discord channel. With over 190 passionate writers, it’s the best place to connect with like-minded people and grow your writing skills.

You’ll also receive Richie’s worldbuilding template, a very useful device when it comes to creating a fantasy world.

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More About Richie Billing

Richie is a published author and creative writing teacher from Liverpool, UK. His critically acclaimed book on creative writing, A Fantasy Writer’s Handbook, has helped writers land book deals, and some of his individual workshops have been attended by over 300 people.

Richie regularly works with charitable organisations like Writing On The Wall and Liverpool Irish Centre to deliver writing courses and workshops to those in the local community. He was a speaker at Fantasycon 2021, and he’s collaborated with organisations including the BBC, Art in Liverpool and Liverpool Everyman Theatre.

You can find out more on his about page, check out his books here, or get in contact here if you have any questions about this writing course on how to build a fantasy world.


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