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A complete writing course on how to create lifelike fantasy characters, covering everything from defining physical appearance, working out their psychological make-up, and how to ensure that they grow and develop as the story progresses.


A complete writing class on how to create lifelike fantasy characters that readers will love

Creating fictional characters is a difficult process. You have to understand their physical make-up, their sociological development, and the psychological consequences.

Then you have to consider how those characters will grow and develop as the story progresses.

However, a solution exists, and in this creative writing workshop, you can find the answers you need.

Reflecting upon the methods I adopted writing my debut novel, Pariah’s Lament, which received overwhelming praise for its strong and “alive” characters, I take you through the entire process of creating characters and, crucially, how to ensure they grow and develop in ways readers love.

The workshop will cover:

  • The Bone Structure – the best way to create and get to know your characters inside and out.
  • Sliding Scales – an effective method of ensuring your characters strike the right balance
  • Character Plotting – my own unique method of charting the growth and development of your characters.

Also Included…

On top of the writing course, you’ll also receive an invitation to Richie’s writing group and Discord channel where you can chat with Richie and the rest of the community about your writing.

As well as the workshop, you’ll also receive my own character creation template which you can use for all your future stories.

Check Out A Sample Of This Fantasy Writing Class

Below, you can watch a snippet of the overall creative writing course. This particular part looks at the Bone Structure method.

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Learn More About Richie Billing

Richie is a published author and creative writing teacher from Liverpool, UK. His critically acclaimed book on creative writing, A Fantasy Writer’s Handbook, has helped writers land book deals, and some of his individual workshops have been attended by over 300 people.

Richie regularly works with charitable organisations like Writing On The Wall and Liverpool Irish Centre to deliver writing courses and workshops to those in the local community. He was a speaker at Fantasycon 2021, and he’s collaborated with organisations including the BBC, Art in Liverpool and Liverpool Everyman Theatre.

You can find out more on his about page, check out his books here, or get in contact here.


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