Short Stories

I try to write as many short stories as time allows. I find the process wonderfully refreshing after being ensnared by the piles of chapters and long-reaching arcs and plots of novels.

I write short fiction in a variety of genres—fantasy, historical, general, and a touch of horror too. In my stories I seek to tackle aspects of human nature I find particularly curious: choices between right or wrong, loyalty, love, faith and beliefs, clinging onto the past, refusing to change.

Below you’ll find links to my published short stories. Most you can read for free in e-Zines. Some you have to buy.

Follies of the Proud

Published by TANSTAAFL Press as part of the ‘Witches, Warriors, and Wyverns’ anthology.

The White of the Canvas

First published in October 2018 (under the title A Light in the Dark) by Art in Liverpool as part of the Independents Biennial 2018 and again by Bewildering Stories in January 2020 (under the title The White of the Canvas). Audio versions published by BBC Radio Merseyside and Liverpool Everyman Theatre. Published for a third time by The Fear of Monkeys.

Into the Eligar

Published in October 2019 by Fiction Vortex as part of the ‘Of Metal and Magic’ anthology.

The Monster of Grug

Published in August 2019 by Liquid Imagination.


Published in May 2019 by Kzine and again by Tall Tale TV (audiobook) in January 2020.


First published in May 2017 by Aphelion Webzine and again in February 2020 by Scarlett Leaf Review


First published in September 2017 by Writing on the Wall, and in audiobook form by Tall Tale TV in October 2017

The General

Self-published in October 2017 in aid of Ranelagh House

The Pigeon Catchers

First published in October 2017 by Far Horizons and again in July 2018 by Aether and Ichor

Death of the Empress

First published by Alien Pub Magazine in May 2018 and in December 2019 by The Magazine of History & Fiction


Published in October 2018 by Art in Liverpool as part of the Independents Biennial 2018



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