About The Blog

What’s The Writer’s Tool Shed?

In short, my blog. Stephen King’s already nabbed ‘the writer’s toolbox’. I do most of my writing in a shed, and in sheds, you keep useful things, like tools. Or just shit you don’t want anymore. So hey presto, the Writer’s Tool Shed.

Since I set out on this writing journey I’ve spent a lot of time learning as much as I can about the craft. Lectures, workshops, courses, books, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, audiobooks… I scour them all for nuggets of knowledge. I’ve learned a lot, often the hard way. In sharing these experiences with fellow writers I hope to help them out on their own journey.

I read and write fantasy mostly, so there’s a leaning toward that particular genre, though I do try to keep it balanced. I know dragons named Kalad’uin and beardy wizards aren’t for everyone.

To help you navigate this rather cluttered toolshed, check out the archive.



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