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Contribute Guest Posts And Submissions

Welcome to my page devoted to guest post opportunities for fantasy writers. There comes a point in our writing careers when we need to start branching out and reaching new audiences. A great way to do that is through writing guest posts and blogs.

Blogging opportunities, such as writing guest posts, articles and taking part in interviews for third-party websites, can be immensely beneficial to your career.

But it isn’t always straightforward. It can sometimes be unclear where you can submit fantasy guest posts to and which blogs accept them or not.

This is a shame because there are lots of benefits to writing content for other sites, and below I’ll dive into them in detail. We’ll also take a look at a few lists of book blogs that accept guest posts. 

But first I wanted to tell you about how you can write a guest post for my website. 

Submit Your Guest Posts

fantasy guest posts

My website is well-established, with thousands of visitors each month (100,000+ visitors a year). And I also have a following of well over 6,000 strong. 

We’re a buzzing and growing community that loves books, fantasy and writing. In our various groups, we chat about all of these things, share articles and insights. And centred around that chat is the content published on my blog. 

If you’re interested in guest blogging for my website, I’d love for you to get in touch with your submission. Here’s what I look for in pieces:

  • Well-written and thoroughly researched
  • A detailed look at a topic 
  • Unique insights and perspectives
  • Helpful

The last point is the most important. Here are my submission guidelines:

  • Topics—
    • Reviews (TV, film, books)
    • Writing tips and guides,
    • Experiences relating to writing
    • Fantasy writing or the fantasy genre
    • Book marketing
    • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • 1,000 words upwards
  • Formatted with proper section titles
  • List of sources included at the end

Why Write A Guest Post For

For certain in-depth and quality articles, I’m willing to pay up to £50. Such articles will have more of an essay-style, thoroughly researched with references, and around 2,000-3,000 words long. A fee will be offered upon review of the submission.

There are many other benefits to guest blogging on my website, which include:

Reach – Every guest post is shared with all of my followers, as well as going through my standard social media marketing process, which has a reach of over 500,000 people. 

Ongoing Exposure – I’m a digital marketing manager by day and know a thing or two about the inner workings of Google. As a result, your post will be optimised for maximum performance in search engines, meaning it will consistently perform over time, giving you ongoing exposure. 

Backlinks – You’ll also gain a quality backlink to your own website, which is invaluable in helping improve your website’s own performance in search engines.

If you’d like to contribute, I’d like to hear from you.

What Are Guest Posts?

A guest post is an original piece of content written by yourself and published on a third party website. This could be a listicle, an in-depth article, a journalistic piece or a book review.

Some websites pay for guest content, particularly bigger and more established magazines like the New York Times, Huffington Post or Buzzfeed.

Other, smaller websites offer the benefits of greater and wider exposure, the ability to bring your voice to new audiences, and invaluable backlinks to your own website.

Why Write Guest Posts For Other Blogs?

I referred to some benefits of writing guest posts for other blogs earlier. Here are some more detailed reasons:

  1. Reach new audiences – one of the greatest benefits to guest blogging is the ability to reach whole new audiences. Some writer friends of mine have written pieces for some leading magazines and seen their followings grow by hundreds overnight. Other platforms can give you the exposure your writing needs to help you expand your audience and following.
  2. Learn new skills – guest posts and SEO go hand in hand, and if you’re trying to learn a bit more about what pleases the Google gods, guest blogging with writers who know more about this than you can be a terrific way of learning. You also may work with experienced editors who can give you crucial feedback and guidance on your writing. This can be a massive help and a nice bonus to submitting guest posts.
  3. Helps build your writing resume – every writing credit we get, be it fiction or non-fiction, contributes toward our writing resume. It can look impressive to publishers to see some notable writing credits on your CV, including guest posts on leading websites in your genre. It demonstrates that you’re connected with the community, a voice within it, contributing to and helping shape the discussion around it.
  4. Extra income for your writing – some magazines and websites, like this one, for example, pay fees for guest posts and articles. Some fees may be much more competitive than others. But if you find it easy enough to produce quality content that magazines love, there’s nothing to stop you from doing this for a living!
  5. Invaluable backlinks to your website – if you’re trying to build up the ranking power of your website, one thing you’ll need are backlinks. These are simply external websites that link to your own. For example, if you write a piece for The Guardian newspaper, you can seek a backlink to your website at the end of the article. This will not only direct readers to more of your content, but it sends a strong signal to Google that your content is quality and trusted.

Fantasy Guest Posts

If you’re a fantasy writer and you’re looking for a little more exposure, there are lots of guest blogging opportunities out there for you to seize.

Like I mentioned near the top of this page, my own blog has a focus on fantasy writing and the fantasy genre. In the past, I’ve had writers blog about medieval weapons, how to write fantasy romance scenes, and creating a religion in a fantasy story.

If you’d like to submit guest posts on fantasy, please see the form at the top of the page.

Fantasy Blogs That Accept Guest Posts In 2021

If you’re looking where to submit fantasy guest posts elsewhere, here’s a list. These are some particularly good websites accepting guest posts from fantasy writers:

10 Writing Blogs To Submit Guest Posts To In 2021

And here are some other guest posting sites where you might find a home for your articles:

  1. Writers Cookbook
  2. Self-Publishing Review
  3. The Independent Publishing Magazine
  4. The Digital Reader
  5. The Creative Penn
  6. Inkspokes
  7. Write Practice
  8. The Book Designer
  9. Jane
  10. Make A Living Writing

How Do You Find Guest Blogging Opportunities?

As well as looking at the websites and blogs listed above, you might also take to social media to find places to submit guest posts to.

Instagram and Twitter are full of links to writing blogs, and no doubt many of those writers would love to have some content from you—even if they don’t advertise any opportunities on their website.

Think about it. If you’ve got your own website, wouldn’t you find it a big help to have people provide content rather than you having to write it all of the time? Definitely!

So although they may not advertise guest blogging opportunities, go ahead and enquire. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

And when you make your query, it’ll help to explain to the website why you would like to write for them. Have you seen a post on their website before? Perhaps you’ve seen other guest posts? Maybe they have a good following that’d you’d like to reach?

Returning to Instagram and Twitter, here are some hashtags you may find useful when looking for guest post opportunities:

  • #writingcommunity
  • #amwriting
  • #amwritingfantasy
  • #bookblogger
  • #bookreview
  • #bookstagram
  • #guestpost
  • #authorinterview
  • #writingtips
  • #writetip
  • #writershelpingwriters
  • #amreading
  • #amediting
  • #writinglife
  • #writerslife

Writing Guest Posts FAQ

Before we wrap up, I wanted to answer some of your frequently asked questions when it comes to guest blogging opportunities.

Where do you write guest posts?

Once you’ve written your guest posts, you can search for places to submit them to. One way is to visit the website Alexa. See which websites are the leaders in your field and try submitting your pieces to them. This is a good way to try and boost your blog’s organic traffic.

How do I sell a guest post?

If you’ve written a guest post that you think would be a good fit for a website, there’s nothing to stop you from emailing the site. Pitch the piece to them and state your selling fee if they don’t advertise one. Other websites may offer you a fee.

What is a guest post in SEO?

In SEO terms, a guest post is a great way of giving your website extra ranking power through backlinks, as well as boosting organic traffic to your website. Writing for another blog, therefore, can give you wider exposure.

Should I accept guest posts on my blog?

Accepting guest posts on your blog is a sure-fire way to grow your website. Not only do you get fresh content, but your guest writers will also share it with their followers, which can promote your blog to new people.

How do you become a guest writer?

The simplest way to become a guest writer is to identify some magazines you’d like to write for, create quality content suitable for them and then pitch your work.

How do I find guest bloggers?

An effective way of finding guest bloggers is to optimise your pages on your website so that writers can find opportunities. You can also share submission openings on social media and with your email list.

How do I credit a guest blog?

The simplest and most effective way of crediting a guest blog is to include an author bio at the end of the post. Ask the writer to provide links to their website and social media platforms so that they can all be included.

More Tools For Writers

I hope you’ve found this guide to finding guest blogging opportunities and how to write fantasy guest posts useful. In this last section, I’ve included links to some other guides and resources you may find useful.

Fantasy Magazines and Journals

Here you can find my list of over 200 fantasy magazines and journals, some of which accept non-fiction guest posts.

How To Write A Cover Letter

In this guide, I discuss cover letters and provide examples of ones that have led to successful outcomes.

How To Build A Website

If you’re a writer and you’d like to learn how to make a website and what to put on it, this post will help you.

Thanks for checking out this guide to guest posts for fantasy writers.

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