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If you’re looking for an elven names generator to help you create your characters, you’ve come to the right place. Designed by fantasy writers for fantasy writers, this fantasy name generator has an extensive list of male and female elf names. 

You can use the elven name generator below. You can also find useful information on devising names for high elves, dark elves and wood elves. And we’ll also look at some examples, particularly from popular books and movies featuring elves, like Lord of the Rings. Tolkien elf names, in particular, are full of meaning and intrigue. 

If at any point you’d like more help using the fantasy name generator below, just get in touch through my contact page. 

Use The Elven Names Generator

Below, you can find the elven names generator. Simply select either male or female, choose the race—dark elf, elf or high elf—and hit the ‘generate names’ button. 

Within seconds you’ll be presented with 5 quality elf names. 

There are times when the generator tool doesn’t produce names or may produce the same names. Don’t worry, simply click the generate button and you’ll be given a fresh set of names.

Select Race
  • angel
  • cavePerson
  • darkelf
  • demon
  • dragon
  • drow
  • dwarf
  • elf
  • fairy
  • gnome
  • goblin
  • halfdemon
  • halfling
  • highelf
  • highfairy
  • human
  • ogre
  • orc

If you’d like any help or support using the fantasy elf name generator, please contact me

How Does The Elven Names Generator Work?

The elven names generator is designed to produce quality names that take into consideration my guiding principles when it comes to naming fantasy characters and places.

Those principles are:

  • Clarity reigns supreme
  • Avoid similar names

One of the issues I encounter in fantasy writing is the author’s need to make a name sound more fantasy-ish. They may look to achieve this by breaking up a name with an apostrophe. Some writers use two or three, even! 

Names like this can cause reader frustration. If they can’t work out how to pronounce it or even make head or tail of it, chances are they’re going to grow annoyed and weary and give up on the book. This is something all writers want to avoid. 

This fantasy name generator, designed by myself with my years of experience in writing fantasy, takes these principles into account to ensure you get the best and most helpful results possible. 

Further reading – A Guide To Fantasy Names 

How Can An Elven Names Generator Help Me?

It can be tough, as fantasy writers, to continuously conjure new and unique names. This can be doubly difficult when it comes to the likes of wood elf names and high elf names. Some writers even get stumped coming up with male or female elf names. 

elven names generator
How to use the elven names generator

It’s natural, therefore, to seek out help and support. And that’s what the elven names generator seeks to do. Designed by myself using all of the insights I’ve gleaned from writing fantasy, you can get lists of quality names with the click of a button. Better still, the tool is completely free to use. 

So if you’re looking for cool elf names to use in your novels and stories, give the fantasy name generator a go. 

If, however, you’re a little concerned that somebody else might use the name that you’ve chosen, don’t worry. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Use a part of the generated elf name – sometimes the fantasy names the generator produces can be quite long. If so, you can take just a part of the name to use for your character
  • Merge names together – this is a popular option. Instead of taking just one generated name, you could take two, break them apart and meld them together into a new one. 

These quick tips can ensure you get a completely unique elf name. 

How To Come Up With Good Elven Names

As we’ve seen, it can be tough to come up with a good elf name that truly reflects who your character is. Not only that, we want our elf names to stand out and help make our characters leap from the page and into reality.

When it comes to creating fantasy elf names, a good starting point is to look at some examples. Lord of the Rings elf names, for example, can give you plenty of inspiration. You can find some of these names in the examples section below.

Another method you could adopt is to look at some of your favourite fantasy books that contain elf characters. For instance, James Barclay’s fantasy series, Chronicles of the Raven, has lots of elven characters with a variety of names. 

Computer games are also a minefield of inspiration. Skyrim wood elf names, for example, are myriad and can inspire lots of derivatives and unique variations.

You can take these existing names, rework them by replacing vowels (A, E, I, O, U), break them down into smaller names, or mix them with two or three different ones. 

However, if you’re still stuck, try the elven names generator. Within just a few clicks you’ll have scores of names that you can use and tweak for your own fantasy novels and stories. 

Female Elf Names And Male Elf Names

In our own world and cultures, knowing the difference between male and female names is quite obvious. In some languages, there are even certain rules that apply to genders. For example, in Polish culture, men’s surnames end with “Ski” and women’s surnames end with “Ska”.

However, coming up with such cultural conventions for our own fantasy worlds can be tough. If you’re completely stuck for elf names, then how would you even determine what’s male and female?

You can find some examples of male elf names in the section below, as well as female ones too, but you can also use the elven names generator tool at the top of this page to get some ideas. 

Simply select whether you want male or female elf names and click the generate button and before you know it you’ll have plenty of ideas to get you going. 

Elf Name Examples

It’s always useful to refer to examples to help us find inspiration or to gain a greater understanding of something. The same is true when it comes to fantasy elf names.

You could say that the fantasy genre does have some “traditions” when it comes to fantasy races and the names those characters are given. A lot of these traditions come from Tolkien elf names, but over the years this has changed as more and more writers explore the lives of elves and introduce new spins, like dark elves and high elves. It’s therefore worth being mindful of fantasy tropes and cliches.

So to help give you some ideas, you can find an elven name list below for both male and female characters:

Female Elf Names 

  • Galadriel – Lord of the Rings
  • Arwen – Lord of the Rings
  • Vartha Do’Urden – Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)
  • Sera – Dragon Age
  • Shadow – Shadow & Dagger
  • Queen Azshara – World of Warcraft

Male Elf Names

  • Legolas – Lord of the Rings
  • Elrond – Lord of the Rings
  • Thranduil – The Hobbit
  • Drizzt Do’Urden – Dungeons and Dragons
  • Dobby – Harry Potter

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Get Help Using The Elven Names Generator

If you’re looking for more help and guidance using the elven names generator, then get in touch either through my contact page or via my online writing group. 

You can also find further guidance and advice on my dedicated fantasy name generator page.

And if you’re looking for specific advice relating to human names, then head here. 

For more help writing fantasy generally, I have a complete guide to worldbuilding here, which ties in with the type of names you want to create for your characters.

You can also head here to learn more about the history of names in this piece by the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.

There’s also very useful information on the family names of the United Kingdom, produced by the University of the West of England, Bristol

If you’d like to provide feedback or have any questions in relation to the elven names generator, please get in contact. 

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