Sharing is Caring Thursday #10

Happy International Women’s Day! A day to celebrate the inspiring achievements of all women across the globe. “What is better than wisdom? Woman. And what is better than a good woman? Nothing.”

Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in the articles that feature in today’s post. This week, investing in your writing career, the influences of women, writing too much, and vital elements of a story. Thank you, writers, for the wonderfully helpful content.

The Liebster Award

A million thank you’s Brandon for nominating me for this award. To know you regard my blog worthy of consideration means a hell of a lot, and it also gives me a bit of affirmation that I’m not wasting my time with this writing lark.

Sharing is Caring Thursday #9

Welcome to another instalment of Sharing is Caring Thursday. We’re now into March and supposedly Spring. But a cold wind is blowing from the east, bringing with it some beastly weather. A fine excuse to stay inside and read and write.

This week: nouns v pronouns, bad writing advice, how to write a synopsis, and 38 calls for submissions for paying markets. Thank you, writers, for the wonderfully helpful content!

Creating a Fantasy Map

For this week’s instalment of Fantasy Friday, I’m delighted to introduce fantasy author Jesper Schmidt. Jesper runs along with Autumn Birt. He’s a world-building and mapmaking genius and I could think of no better person to give an insight into the world of cartography!

Sharing is Caring Thursday #7

Here’s another grouping of wonderful articles from the blogging world for you to sink your teeth into. This week we’re treated to the insights of a creative writing teacher, the unchosen heroes of fantasy, the importance of reading, and using infographics to promote your books!

Sharing is Caring Thursday #6

This week I’m sharing a mix of articles courtesy of some of the excellent bloggers I follow. You’ll find an interesting research piece on the use of the words ‘and’ & ‘the’, insights into querying agents, the importance of world-building, and a very sad development in the world of writing, one all writers should be aware of: reviewers selling ARCs.

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