SEO For Fiction Writers

SEO For fiction writers

Learn the key elements of SEO, get a personalised site audit, and discover how to turn your website into a book marketing machine

Develop your website into a book marketing machine with in-depth insights that I’ve gleaned during my time spent working in digital marketing.

I’ll show you how in just 12 months I went from barely 100 organic visitors a month to over a thousand. That’s a 100% increase.

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Here I show you how I did it. I’ll give you insights on how to set up your site so it’s SEO friendly, how to drive organic (free) traffic to your site, and crucially, how to convert that traffic into long-term readers.

I’ll show you the best tools to use, free and paid for.

And I’ll show you how to write SEO-friendly content that will help your posts and pages rank.

And if you want to build a career in content writing to support your fiction writing passion, you’ll learn the skills to write quality content that can birth a career in copywriting.

Duration approx. 90 mins with time for a Q+A. Those unable to make the live event can register to receive a recorded version.

Reviews From Past Registrants

“Wonderful webinars and saves the pain of learning the hard way!”


“Great advice throughout the whole session. So much more useful than all the ‘writing tips’ articles I’ve read which just tell you the obvious.”


“I learn so much in these sessions. Richie has some real insights and his style is so engaging and accessible.”


What’s Included In This Workshop?

site audit

Site Audit

Limited to 50 registrants.

I’ll undertake a detailed audit of your website and provide you with helpful recommendations on what you can do to help boost its performance, both on a technical level and on the content front.

online writing group

An Invite To My Online Writing Group

Usually closed to the public, you’ll receive an invite to my online writing group, hosted on Facebook. Made up of over 170 active writers, it’s the perfect place to network, share work, get feedback and become a better writer.

essential points printout

My Essential Points Printout

You’ll also receive my Essential Points infographic printout. Containing neat summaries of all of the crucial pointers we’ll cover in the workshop, this printout will provide you with quick and efficient reminders to keep you on track.

worldbuilding workshop

Recorded Workshops

Immediately available

You’ll also receive immediate access to two of my previous writing workshops:

  • How To Write A Fantasy Novel
  • How To Build A Fantasy World

About The Site Audit

For a little bit extra, I can offer you more guidance and support in the form of a site audit.

It involves very little on your part save for you providing me with your website URL. I’ll undertake a number of different checks, examining the technical make-up of the site and the content. I’ll then assess this in relation to SEO and your ability to perform well in search engines.

I’ll compile my findings into a report which will contain a number of different recommendations and opportunities for you to help grow your website into a book marketing machine.

The site audit will be completed within 1 month from the date of the live workshop. I’ll reach out to you once you purchase your ticket and get your website information.

Who Should Register For This Workshop?

  • Writers – novelists, short story writers, poets, nonfiction writers, essayists and the like
  • Writers interested in enhancing or developing their websites into something they can make money from
  • Writers keen to build their mailing list
  • Anyone who wants to generate more organic (free) traffic to their website
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to write SEO-friendly content
  • Those interested in a career in copywriting

About Richie Billing

Richie Billing writes fantasy fiction, historical fiction and stories of a darker nature.

His debut novel, Pariah’s Lament, was published by Of Metal and Magic Publishing on 17th March 2021 and lauded for its ‘masterful world-building’ (The Book Suite).

He co-hosts the podcast The Fantasy Writers’ Toolsheda venture inspired by the requests of readers of his critically-acclaimed book, A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook

Most nights you can find him up into the wee hours scribbling away or watching the NBA.

What Do You Get In This SEO Workshop For Writers?

  • An invite to the live workshop on Wednesday 4th August 2021 at 7pm GMT. You’ll also receive a recording.
  • Presentation slides. Everyone can download a copy of the slides in PDF form.
  • Site audit (£50) within one month after the live class. For a little bit extra, I’ll undertake a detailed audit of your website, examining the technical performance and the content. I’ll provide you with recommendations to help you make significant improvements to performance and results.
  • An invite to my private online writing group. I’ll send you an invite to my Facebook group which is home to over 170 active writers.
  • My Essential Points printout. I’ll send you a downloadable copy of my printout containing key tips and reminders when it comes to SEO for your website.
  • Free access to past workshops – How To Build A Fantasy World and How To Write A Fantasy Novel

For more writing tips and guides, head here.

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