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Fantasy Writing Groups

The writing game can be a lonely one, especially for the fantasy writer, who can sometimes spend more time in a fantasy world than the real one (ahem, me). But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, working with others can improve your writing tremendously. And one way to achieve that is through online fantasy writing groups.

It can be quite tricky finding fellow writers nearby to meet up with, especially ones that are interested in fantasy writing. It’s a niche genre after all and not to everyone’s tastes.

You may take to Google and search for “fantasy writing groups near me” or hunt out a local writing club and hope there are fantasy writers there. But unless you live in a major town or city, it’s probably going to be difficult to find writers nearby who have an interest in fantasy and other forms of speculative fiction.

Thankfully, the internet has made life a whole lot easier. There are hundreds if not thousands of online fantasy writing groups, online sci-fi writing groups, horror writing groups and so many more.

No longer do writers have to sit alone in their bedroom reading work aloud to their cats.

But it still can be quite difficult to find the right fantasy writing group for you. Over the years I’ve joined loads of them and I’ve gotten to know some wonderful writers.

I decided to compile a list of online fantasy writing groups. Reddit is a good place to look for communities of writers. You could check our writing forums too. 

I’ve met so many wonderful people over the years in fantasy writing groups. I found them such great places to learn and grow.

So I decided to make my very own writing group, exclusive to those in my community of writers. We’re a tremendously engaged and friendly bunch who help each other out any way we can.

It’s a space to share writings, discuss ideas, and ultimately, a place to build friendships and your writing network. 

It’s very much open to you too. If you’d like to join, just click the button below.

online writing groups

Most of the groups you’ll see on the list below are online fantasy writing groups. They tend to be based on Facebook.

Some groups are writers forums, UK and US and even worldwide. Others are more general online creative writing groups. Some are dedicated writing groups for beginners too, and others are dedicated online fantasy writing critique groups that focus on fiction pieces. Some even have a focus on fantasy sub-genres, like grimdark, dark fantasy, low fantasy, high fantasy and epic fantasy.

I’ve included a few Reddit online fantasy writing groups too. If you know of any others, drop me an email by heading to my contact page.

List Of Fantasy Writing Groups

Name of Writing Group Platform Genre
Richie Billing’s Community of Writers Facebook/Email Fantasy
The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing Collective Facebook SFF
Fantasy Writers Support Group Facebook Fantasy
AmWritingFantasy Facebook Fantasy
The Sci-fi & Fantasy Writers’ Guild Facebook Fantasy
RPG and Fantasy Writers and Artists Guild Facebook Fantasy
Writing Bad Facebook All
Fantasy Writers Group Facebook Fantasy
Genre Writers (Fantasy, SciFi, Steampunk et al) Facebook SFF
Writers Assembled Facebook All
Sci-fi & Fantasy Authors & Readers Facebook SFF
Writers’ Group Facebook All
Sci-fi,Horror,Fantasy,Paranormal,Fiction,true Story etc etc Authors, Lovers Facebook Spec Fic
Sci-Fi, Horror, Doomsday, Fantasy, True Story, Action, etc. Writers Facebook Spec Fic
Writers Like Writers Facebook All
Epic Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror Group Facebook Spec Fic
Writers Group Facebook All
Indie Authors Support Network Facebook All
Fantasy & Sci-Fi writers group Facebook SFF
Writer’s tips and feedback Facebook All
Writers For Writers Facebook All
Fiction Writing Facebook All
One Stop Fiction Authors’ Resource Group Facebook All
Indie Authors International Facebook All
Book Promotion Scifi and Fantasy Facebook SFF
WE PAW Bloggers Facebook All
Author/Publisher/Editor/Book Readers Facebook All
Authors, Reviewers, & Book Lovers Facebook All
The Indie Writers’ Cooperative Facebook All
The Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy Group Facebook Spec Fic
Celebrating Authors Facebook All
Writers Helping Writers Facebook All
Authors Facebook All
The Writers Tribe Facebook All
Creative Writing Facebook All
Creative Writers Hangout Facebook All
Tune Your English Facebook All
Indie Authors & Book Lovers Facebook All
Fantasy Writers Facebook Fantasy
Aspiring Novelists Facebook All
Historical Fiction Facebook Historical Fiction
Writing Bad Promotions Facebook All
Writing tips for beginners Facebook All
Passion for Books Facebook All
Socially Aware Fantasy Writers Facebook Fantasy
Writers’ Gathering Group Facebook All
Writers and Readers of Speculative Fiction Facebook Spec Fic
Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy Writers Facebook Spec Fic
Science Fiction/Horror/Fantasy Writers Inc. Facebook Spec Fic
Fantasy Authors Assemble-Fantasy writers group Facebook Fantasy
A Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Readers & Writers Hang Out Facebook Spec Fic
Science Fiction, Fantasy and other genres: learning group Facebook SFF
Fantasy & Sci-Fi Fans, Artists, Readers, Writers, Filmmakers & Cosplayers Facebook SFF
r/fantasywriters Reddit Fantasy
r/Fantasy Reddit Fantasy
r/Writing Reddit All
r/Worldbuilding Reddit All
r/SciFi Reddit Sci-Fi
r/Writers Reddit All
r/writingtips Reddit All
SFF Chronicles Forum SFF
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