The Best Essays On Creative Writing

Identifying the best essays on creative writing can be quite challenging, especially if it’s the first time that you encounter the objectives that your college, university or school professor may provide.

Unlike typical academic writing tasks, like penning an argumentative or expository essay, creative writing is a different beast. The primary difference is the presence of creativity and the art of storytelling.

While you may promote something or approach business management strategies, creative writing is always about keeping your audience inspired through characters, themes, conflict and plotting. No matter what your subject may be, creative writing must start with an outline and notes as great ideas come to mind.

In this guide, we’ll consider essays on creative writing in more detail. We’ll first look at some illustrative examples before looking at some tips on writing essays.

What Is An Essay About Creative Writing Exactly?

An essay on creative writing is a piece of prose that discusses the art and craft of creating fiction, poetry, or other forms of imaginative writing.

the best essays on creative writing

These essays can take many forms, from personal reflections on the writer’s own process and experiences to more academic analyses of the techniques and elements of successful creative writing.

They can also explore the history and theory of creative writing, discussing the work of famous authors and the evolution of different literary themes and forms. They might also cover various aspects of the creative writing process, such as character development, worldbuilding, and the use of dialogue.

Creative writing essays can also include tips and advice for aspiring writers, such as how to develop a writing routine, how to overcome writer’s block, and how to get published. These essays may also include examples of creative writing, such as short stories or poetry, to illustrate the concepts being discussed.

Overall, an essay on creative writing can be both informative and inspiring, providing insights into the craft and the writer’s perspective. It can also help readers improve their own writing skills.

Examples Of Essays On Creative Writing

There are many excellent essays on creative writing. It’s such a broad and subjective topic, so there is much to say and many different areas to focus on.

Some notable examples include:

  • “On Writing” by Stephen King – one of the seminal books about creative writing, which is essentially a series of essays
  • “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott
  • “The Art of Fiction” by John Gardner – a series of essays that are compiled into a fantastic book—one of the best on creative writing
  • “The Paris Review Interviews, I” edited by George Plimpton
  • “A Writer’s Diary” by Virginia Woolf

Another brilliant writer of essays on creative writing is JRR Tolkien, author of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”. Although he didn’t write an awful lot of essays, he did give a number of lectures during his time as a professor at Oxford University, and some of these touched on the topic of writing and literature.

One of the most famous of these lectures is his 1939 talk “On Fairy Stories.” In this, he discusses the nature and importance of fantasy literature.

The lecture was later expanded into an essay and published in the collection “Tree and Leaf”. Additionally, a book named “The Monsters and the Critics” contains a collection of critical essays and lectures on medieval literature, which might be of interest to those who want to learn more about his ideas on writing. In particular, it provides a great insight into the epic medieval poems (and arguably the first ever fantasy stories) Beowulf and Ser Gawain and The Green Knight.

Tips On Writing Essays On Creative Writing 

Here are some tips on writing essays on creative writing and similar topics:

Make a Clear Concept First 

The most important aspect of creative writing is the idea that you would like to develop. It’s exactly what helps to choose the best essay that is related to creativity. When you need to tell a story or deliver a strong message, think about an inspiring concept first. If it seems too challenging, consider talking to a professional essay writer who will be able to assist you with your issues and help you to outline your concept in a good way to help you start writing! 

Take Notes And Research Before You Write

Even before you start writing or come up with the first lines of your essay, always use notes that have been taken before when researching your piece. It will help you to save time and approach your task differently.

When you have to be in creative writing mode, the trick is to prepare yourself in advance and explore the subject so that you know what to avoid and possibly help your creative writing essay subject stand out! 

Keep Your Narrative Logical

You have to learn how to tell a story well, just the way they do it in the newspapers or the books. Think about your assignment as if it is a presentation or a report. This is where creativity kicks in as you have to write in an inspiring way and keep the storyline accurate with all the logical connections and transitions. 

Structure Things Well

Another essential factor to consider for the best essay on creative writing is your structure. You must have a hook sentence with a strong introduction, at least two body paragraphs, and a conclusion where you sum things up. Don’t forget to explore various resources for academic writers, as these will help you to maintain the writing standards and learn how to avoid the most common mistakes. If you have a clear structure, you will be able to narrow things down and avoid having your ideas scattered all over! 

Proofread and Edit Aloud

The most common issue with the quality of creative writing or any other essay is the need for proper proofreading and editing. It does take time and effort, yet it can improve your grades in a significant way. Readability and uniqueness should come first, so you must start with the editing part and then proofread your creative writing essay. It will help you eliminate at least 80% of the writing issues and improve your paper! 

Keep The Right Balance 

If you want to create the best essays on creative writing, make sure that you do not overdo it by making things sound too one-sided. Depending on your subject and the things that you would like to express, you have to think about your target audience and the requirements of the genre that you are trying to approach.

The key is to keep the right balance between accuracy and creativity, where you may even shock your audience in a good way or surprise them by bringing out a moral lesson or asking a question worth exploring.

Essentially, proofread your essay aloud before you submit your assignment and check if it makes sense! 

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