Strategies for Developing Strong Writing Skills

Possessing strong writing skills is necessary for many areas of life, be it work or our personal lives. It’s an important skill to be able to communicate effectively and convey what you mean and even tougher to transfer the images in your mind into another person’s.

Basic skills include using the right spelling and grammar, but developing strong writing skills goes beyond this. If you’re studying at college, you’ll need to understand different styles and approaches.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some easy ways to build strong writing skills. We’ll consider key foundational skills, how to get help with essays and other forms of writing, and we’ll look at a list of writing skills too.

Pay Attention To Foundational Writing Skills

If you want to know how to improve your writing skills, the first step is to build a good foundational knowledge of the topic. Good grammar and spelling skills are important. Using grammar and spelling software to check your writing can help you to identify mistakes you commonly make and correct them. Check our free tools like Hemingway or Grammarly.

Today you have many online sources for learning grammar in engaging and interactive ways. However, the classic way of keeping a notebook for new words you encounter and their meanings can help you to improve your vocabulary. It also provides a handy resource to refer to.

A List Of Writing Skills

strong writing skills

Some other key foundational writing skills include:

  • Clarity and conciseness – Effective writing should be clear, concise, and easy to understand.
  • Organization – Writing should be well-organized, with a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  • Storytelling – The ability to craft compelling stories, whether they are fictional or non-fictional, is a valuable skill in writing. We discuss structure in more detail below.
  • Attention to detail – Good writers pay close attention to details such as spelling, punctuation, and syntax, to ensure their writing is error-free and professional.
  • Adaptability – The ability to adapt writing style, tone, and voice to suit different audiences, genres, and purposes is a crucial aspect of effective writing.
  • Creativity – Writing can be a creative outlet that allows writers to express themselves in unique and imaginative ways.
  • Research skills – Effective writing often requires research to gather information and support ideas.
  • Revisions – Good writing is often a result of multiple revisions and edits, allowing writers to refine and improve their work

Get Feedback On Your Writing

If you’re a student at college, you may battle at first with the level of writing skills expected when doing assignments. However, these skills can be learned and one of the best ways to do so is from professional writers. EduBirdie is an online custom essay writing service with expert writers who are carefully chosen for their educational background and experience.

You could also try peer-reviewing your writing. This involves pairing up with fellow students or writers and reading over each other’s work and providing feedback. These insights can prove significantly helpful in helping you to develop strong writing skills. It’s just a matter of editing your work and implementing the feedback.

Read More

When you read more, you start to absorb more about how the likes of grammar works, sentence structures, word usage and ideas overall for achieving strong writing. Find articles or books to read in an area that interests you. It could be fiction books or non-fiction. Try to choose ones that will stretch your comprehension without being too difficult.

This will give you the incentive to learn more. You will begin to understand how the likes of tone, tense and your style of prose affect the way you feel when reading. Always ask yourself, what is it about the writing that makes it ‘good’? When you begin to critically analyse in this way, you’ll understand how descriptive, persuasive and other styles of writing differ from one another.


Without consistent practice, your writing skills won’t improve.

One of the best ways to practice daily is to write in a journal or blog. These types of writing allow you to you express yourself freely and when you’re in that place, you can better find your writing voice.

Even working on emails to family and friends can help you to learn how to communicate clearly. When you feel confident enough, you could even join a writing class where you have to write and get feedback from others.

Learn From Examples Of Good Writing

Quality examples of academic papers can help you to learn how to write assignments. Above all, they can show you how to structure an essay. Knowing this structure is important because it creates clarity and helps you to get your ideas across to readers.

A quality example of an essay will show you how a paragraph expresses one idea and how that’s then developed and built upon in subsequent passages so that the essay flows logically. You will notice how a good writer builds an argument step by step to reach a conclusion and then they provide their own insights and ideas.

Use Some Common Fixes

Your writing may be grammatically correct, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have strong skills. To make it stronger, there are some common fixes that you can employ:

  • Choose strong verbs (“sprinted” instead of “ran”).
  • Use active rather than passive voice.
  • Cut out unnecessary sentences and words.
  • Avoid long sentences that confuse your readers and dilute your message.
  • Replace any clichés with original thought.
  • Don’t use jargonistic language readers may not understand.

Using the Hemingway app can help you to identify many of these mistakes. You can fix them to make your writing clearer, less confusing and easier for readers to understand.

Always Proofread Your Writing

Whenever you finish a piece of writing it’s so important to read over it. And when you do proofread, it helps to read what you have written out loud. It makes it easier to pick up whether your writing flows or not. You may have to swap paragraphs around for a better flow or turn a long sentence into two short ones.

Running your writing through a grammar and spell checker will help you to pick up many basic errors and fix them, but they’re not infallible. After this, you can focus on dealing with any inconsistencies, awkward transitions or structural errors.

Developing Strong Writing Skills – A Summary

No matter what career you choose, strong writing skills will help you to communicate your ideas effectively.

Improving your skills requires commitment and practice. Even the best writers keep working on improving their skills. Learning grammar, expanding your vocabulary, reading, practising and proofreading and editing your work carefully will help you to develop strong writing skills. It helps in every aspect of your career, so start planning right away.

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