The 10 Best And Most Inspiring Movies About Writers

One popular type of material to come out of Hollywood in recent years are movies about writers and their struggles.

From the ancient cave art of our primitive ancestors to the modern-day novel, creating has been a fundamental part of the human experience. While some find it easier than others to express themselves through art or the written word, every creator is bound to face blocks and challenges in their journey. This phenomenon is often coined “writer’s block” and describes obstructions that vary from situational distractions to deeper personal issues like fear or insecurity.

Authors such as Paulo Coelho and J.K Rowling are among a few who have experienced creative difficulties while they write, yet they have managed to channel their obstacles into meaningful work that has shaped us all in its own way.

As creators ourselves, we can learn much from the hardships these authors have endured – even if the path forward was not always a smooth one. These struggles have been captured in some brilliant movies about writers. These tales may help you find inspiration from those who have gone through this thorny path.

10 Movies About Writers

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Now we know how to watch them, let’s look at some of the best movies about writers.


Adaptation is an inspirational movie that perfectly captures the real-life struggle of writer’s block while adapting Susan Orlean’s 1998 nonfiction book The Orchid Thief into a movie.

Charlie Kaufman worked on Adaptation despite his crippling writer’s block, and with grit and determination, he was successful in turning it into one of the best movies about creative writing.

The movie includes components adapted from the book, in addition to imaginary parts, including Kaufman’s twin sibling and sentiment among Orlean and Laroche. Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep gave performances praised for their screenplay and humor, showing us that when we are driven by determination we can overcome any adversity.

Julie & Julia

This 2009-directed biographical drama follows Julia Child’s life in the 1940s, as well as the story of the present-day blogger, Julie Powell. Through this film, we see how each woman found joy in food while facing unique challenges in their respective lives.

As they discover more about themselves through their cooking adventures and experiments, this movie creates a beautiful connection between two inspiring female figures despite them never meeting one another in real life.

If you haven’t seen Julie and Julia yet, it is definitely worth watching – both for its historical facts as well as its engaging plotline

Midnight in Paris

Paris, so much so that he decides to call it home even after marrying his fiancée Inez. Through a magical twist of events, Gil embarks upon an adventure into the past where his creativity is inspired by some of the city’s most influential writers, painters, and musicians.

In the film, this experience serves as a reminder for aspiring creatives to nurture themselves with positive influences that provide honest feedback and genuine progress. Gil is able to not only experience this firsthand but come out of it a better writer due to his newfound appreciation for Paris and its impact on art throughout the decades.

Almost Famous

At the center of Almost Famous is a fifteen-year-old writer working on his freelance assignment for Rolling Stone magazine.

His love of rock music influences the plot and it all makes for an interesting journey in self-appreciation, discovery, and self-development. The very realistic plot plus the characters’ struggles to find inspiration make the movie truly captivating, and it will surely grab your attention from the very start.

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Sunset Boulevard 

Billy Wilder always put the written word first, drawing from real-world experiences as a screenwriter to craft some of the most powerful movies ever made. One of his most famous works, ‘Sunset Boulevard’, speaks volumes about staying true to yourself and trusting your creative instincts rather than becoming seduced by money or fame.

Wilder shines in this film – no pun intended – by exploring the pitfalls of selling out artistically through the character Joe Gillis and his decision to take on a script he knows won’t make it past the cutting room floor. Thus, ‘Sunset Boulevard’ not only stands as one of the greatest films ever made but also reinforces that certain universal truth: never compromise your art when chasing success.


movies about writers

Misery, directed in 1990 and based on one of Stephen King’s famed best-selling novels from 1987, is not for the faint of heart.

Rather than a comedy, this spine-tingling psychological horror grabs the attention of many aspiring writers by centering its plot around a successful novelist.

It’s noteworthy that Misery is the only film adaptation among King’s works to win an Academy Award.

Those who enjoy movies about writing and appreciate a genuine thrill will not be disappointed by this classic movie—besides being exciting and sometimes chilling, it also provides food for thought regarding our goals and ambitions.

Dead Poets Society

This movie is perfect for those who want to find out how literature can impact everyone’s soul. You will follow an English teacher who uses non-standard methods to inspire his students and help them appreciate the beauty of language and writing.

While this story would be perfect for teachers, it is also ideal for students and writers who want to get some tips and motivation from a great story.

Shakespeare in Love

This light romantic comedy is captivating and refreshingly funny and provides an interesting angle on how Romeo and Juliet were written. Viewing Shakespeare’s process as he struggles and then finds his inspiration is something that modern writers will really appreciate.

With its accurate atmosphere and captivating themes, this movie is sure to be an enjoyable experience for any fan of historical films or Shakespeare’s works.

Becoming Astrid

This is a Biographical Drama directed in 2018 about the life of Swedish writer, Astrid Lindgren. Though not many people have seen it, considering the movie was produced in Denmark and Sweden, the story of this renowned author provides insight into the difficult times of early- 20th-century Europe.

Told from the perspective of an 18-year-old Astrid as she falls for an older editor, who she later has her beloved son Lars with, this movie humanizes the woman behind some of the world’s most beloved children’s books. This biopic candidly reflects her true struggles during pregnancy, separation from her son during the war, and joy as her stories were embraced by growing generations all over the world.

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer is a gripping political thriller that tells the story of a ghostwriter who takes on the project of writing the memoirs of a retired Prime Minister.

At first, he doesn’t expect much difficulty and assumes everything will go smoothly. However, as he begins to uncover unsavory details about past dealings, he realizes how dangerous this knowledge is and what risks it has for his life.

With each new discovery, his fear grows until it seems there is no escape from the specter of death that looms over him. The Ghost Writer will have you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see if the shadowy forces arrayed against the protagonist will succeed in their mission. It’s arguably one of the best movies about writers ever.

Discover More Movies About Writers

Regardless of which movie you choose, these ten films certainly offer a great way to gain insight into the struggles and successes of writing. From William Shakespeare’s creative process in Shakespeare in Love to the pitfalls of selling out artistically in Sunset Boulevard and becoming Astrid Lindgren in her biopic, each film speaks volumes about staying true to yourself.

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