Sharing is Caring Thursdays #3 Editing, querying, writing myths, and growing your blog

It’s Thursday. Nearly there now. That weekend is in grasp. If you’re stuck in work, I hope the rest of your day goes swifter than the hand of a pickpocket, and a good one at that.

It’s that time of the week to give you a round-up of some of the best articles I’ve come across in the past seven days. Self-editing, querying, writing myths, and growing your blog. I found these immensely useful. You’re bound to find something of use yourself.

Thank you, bloggers, for your excellent content. Keep up the fantastic work!

Writing Tips – How to self-edit a book by G.L. Cromarty

Editing is a tricky and tedious exercise. It’s so easy to miss even the simplest typo. I do it all the time. G.L. Cromarty feels our pain too and in her insightful article, shares some of the tools she uses to help catch these nasty editorial beasts, as well as her editing process. By tools I mean software, like Hemingway and Grammarly. I’m pretty new to Grammarly. I regret not getting it sooner. Hemingway is a new one on me and helps with things like passive voice and adverbs. You’ll find out much more in the article!

About the author

G.L. Cromarty is a writer of science fiction. Her book Divided Serenity is available on Amazon. There are some excellent reviews on there. She runs a regular blog dedicated to the craft of writing. Well worth following.

Query Theory (part one) by N.J. Crosskey

An excellent insight into the frustrating and painful world of queries. I love N.J. Crosskey’s description of writers and how we like control, how we maniacally cackle as we wipe “whole lives from existence with CTL X.” She explains the few things that writers can control when embarking on the querying process, from formatting, critiques, advising against sending off earlier chapters while working on the rest and setting the right expectations. This is just the beginning. There are another two posts for you to devour!

About the author

N.J. Crosskey is a writer with a beautiful and engaging style from West Sussex, England. She’s got several publications under her belt and more down the line, no doubt. Her blog is full of helpful tips on the writing and publication process. Check it out.

Common Writing Myths by Nat Russo

I read a lot of advice on writing, some of it contradictory. It can be hard to figure out which to believe. Nat hits the nail on the head here. Don’t treat them as rules, just “a statement of what worked for that particular writer.” Nat goes through a few of the most common writing myths, such as show don’t tell and writing every day before finishing with an inspirational tirade.

About the author

Nat Russo is a bestselling fantasy author, his novel Necromancer Awakening hitting the Amazon bestseller lists! He’s an award-winning blogger with an impressive archive. I highly recommend his series on world-building and using Twitter.

How Did I Grow My Blog by Milly Schmidt

I included a post by Milly last week and this week she features again. You can’t argue with quality content. This week Milly gave us an honest and invaluable insight into how she grew her blog. She currently has over 5,000 followers. Impressive! You’ll find some great tips, from cats to being yourself and interacting with the blogging community.

About the author

Milly hails from Australia. Her blog is devoted to sharing the trials and tribulations of the writer’s life. Her writing is honest and genuine and the advice she shares really helps!

Thanks for reading! For Fantasy Friday tomorrow, I’ll be looking at a few of the most common races in fantasy, their classic tropes, and debating whether to recycle, re-use or rubbish them. To save you the trouble of setting yourself a reminder, which I’m sure you’re rushing to do, you can fill out the form below and get it delivered to your inbox. Convenience.


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