Sharing is Caring Thursday #12

I’m back with another sharing is caring post, bringing you a taste of some of the best articles I’ve read in the past week. A varied and insightful bunch awaits you below: 20 calls for submissions, boosting blog engagement, keyboard-loving cats, and sociology and world-building. Thank you, writers, for the top-notch content!


Sociology in Fantasy World-Building by B.K. Bass

It’s something I don’t see very often—sociology discussed in a world-building context—but it should. If we’re to create immersive worlds, we need to know and understand how those worlds developed, how they’re structured and how they function.

“You can use concepts of sociology to tie your characters to your setting, thereby establishing the glue that will bind the people of your fantasy world to the world itself … Creating a believable society in which they live can help to not only enrich the setting, but also provide a more genuine backstory for all of our characters.”

This article by B.K. Bass provides an in-depth and thoughtful look at world-building with theories of sociology in mind. It explores how sociology can be influenced by the likes of geography, economics, resources, cosmology, religion, government, cities, and vice versa.

Excellent post!


How do I win the battle of the keyboard? Advice from cat-owning writers needed by Bridget Whelan

I enjoyed this post for how much I can relate to it. My cat is prone to strolling across my keyboard, pausing for a sniff, wandering off, and then returning to stretch out. It’s attention she seeks. With a free hand, I dangle a stick with a bell and ball attached to the end and that usually shifts her long enough for me to single-handedly type a few words. But she’s persistent.

Bridget Whelan reached the point where she needed solutions for her feline problem. I thought I’d include this for all the cat-owning writers out there. I’m sure you feel her pain. The comments are both comical and helpful, particularly the last!


20 Calls for Submissions in April 2018 – Paying markets by Erica Verillo

Erica Verillo has released her monthly call for submissions. And they’re all paying markets. Even better.  You’ll find calls for poetry, flash fiction and short stories, essays and thematic pieces. There’s something for every writer on this list. Good luck with the subs!


How To Increase Engagement On Your Blog & Get More Comments! by Mia

Bloggers are always looking for magic formulas to get their blogs noticed. Mia has worked hard to create a well-established blog which celebrates all things creative. Each of her posts sees a great deal of engagement, and in her illuminating article, she reveals how.

You’ll find seven excellent tips covering: writing content which appeals to readers, networking and interaction, asking your audience questions, and my particular favourite, re-publishing posts a day later. This is something I’ve always been conscious of doing. I don’t want to seem like I’m spamming readers up the arse, but hearing from an experienced hand that it works, I’ll have to give it a go.

Great post, great writing!

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  1. I like your style, Richie…I am SO glad I have three sons to keep me on my toes. Being older, you have to keep an eye on what’s ‘in’…I am an avid reader, so that helps and I have a zany side to my nature (apparently!) Strange as it sounds, my most popular posts are from ideas I get when waking really early. (When the subconscious is in a loop perhaps?) Keep up with the good work. .

    1. Thanks, Joy! I appreciate that a lot. I’ll have to start making notes when I wake up. I tend to slowly break free of my sleepy state so I’m not the most creative at that time of day. Thank you for reading!

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