Hi there and welcome to my chapter in the gargantuan book that is the internet. 

Writing can be a tough and lonely pursuit, something we pour our hearts and souls into, and the results can be cruel. I know what it’s like to battle the demons of doubt, to suffer constant rejection and migraine-inducing frustration. I study the craft as much as I can and what I learn I share for the benefit of you and everybody else. Head over to The Writer’s Tool Shed for a stack of writing advice and guidance.

While scouring the web for publishers and book reviewers I decided to make lists of everything and everyone that I encountered. Under the ‘Writer’s Resources’ tab you can find those lists. And if you like the spoken word as well as the written, I co-host a podcast on writing.

And if fiction is what you’re after, check out my short story collection, Flying on the Ground, or head over to the ‘Short Stories‘ page where you can find some to read. 

And know that I’m here for you. If you have a writing or fantasy-related question, drop me an email. I see this as a writing community, a place of mutual support. Everybody who joins my community gets my writers welcome pack: downloadable versions of all my resources, plus a free ebook on creative writing, and a few of my published short stories, too.

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