Welcome to my chapter in the gargantuan book that is the internet! As you may have guessed, I’m a fantasy writer and this is my little space to celebrate the two things I love nothing more in life—reading and writing—and to share that passion with like-minded people, just like yourself.

You’ll Never Write Alone

Writing can be a tough and lonely pursuit, something we pour our hearts and souls into, and the results can be cruel. I know what it’s like to battle the demons of doubt, to suffer rejection and migraine-inducing frustration.

To combat those feelings, I study the craft as much as I can and what I learn I share for the benefit of you and everybody else. Head over to my blog, The Writer’s Tool Shed, for a stack of writing guides and support.

And to help you along on your quest, you can download a copy of my brand new book on writing, Thoughts On Writing, for free when you join my Community of Writers. It covers all aspects of storytelling, plus a look at building your author brand and getting your stories published.

Celebrate Your Love of Reading

flying on the ground cover

I’m a reader as much as I am a fantasy writer. I love to escape into fantastical worlds and marry myself to the causes of charismatic and intriguing characters.

Now more than ever I feel that we could all do with an escape, and reading can give us that. So when you join my Community of Readers, you’ll receive a free copy of my collection of published short fiction, Flying on the Ground. 

When I describe this as a community, I mean it. I’m always happy to review any bits of work or answer any writing-related queries you may have. And if I can’t help, I’ll do my best to find someone who can.

The way we improve is by helping each other and that’s the ethos behind everything I do.

To take advantage of all these benefits and more, just fill in your email address below and tell me what you're interested in.

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